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After a long work at the computer hurt your eyes - what to do?

usually starts innocently enough: my eyes are starting to ache a bit, there is "sand" in the eyes.Sometimes the complaints are less severe and disappear for a while, and then it gets worse.The following symptoms occur sensitivity to light, watery eyes - especially outdoors.Then there is the syndrome of "dry eye."These are the most frequent consequences of long-term work at the computer.

Syndrome "with uhogo eyes»

This is quite unpleasant disease that should not be underestimated.The reason for it is the lack of secretion of tears, causing peeling of the epithelium of the eye.This deprives the cornea and conjunctiva epithelium widely opening the door for penetration of various microorganisms and infections.In this syndrome after a long work on the computer hurt your eyes, they turn red, as if "burning".Sometimes the symptoms can be so severe that it seems in my eye foreign body.In the corners of the eyes begins to accumulate pus eyelids feel heavy, swollen.Any movement of the eyes causing pain, so

metimes acting and bright light.Complaints are worse when the patient is exposed to an increase in evaporation of tears.This happens when a person lives in a dry, poorly ventilated and unventilated room.The presence of dust, volatile chemicals, as well as being in an atmosphere of tobacco smoke irritates the eyes.

Approximately 75% of those at the computer for more than two hours a day, complaining of discomfort.It can be reduced by placing the monitor on the eye-level (or higher), to reduce the frequency of blinking.In normal conditions we blink 12 times per minute, the computer - much less.In addition, before the screen over the eyes are wide open (even more than when reading.) As a result of the rapid evaporation of the so-called "tear film" occurs and dry eye.

dry eye syndrome treatment largely depends on the secretion of natural human lacrimal glands.In addition to the amount of tears in the eyes of the drugs used under the code name "artificial tears".In order to avoid complaints, you will need to take them almost all his life.Frequency of administration will depend on the severity of the disease.In some cases, patients use drops even every hour.These drugs are safe.The only limitation may be allergic to the preservatives contained in the droplets.To avoid contact with preservatives, manufacturers have created a preparation containing one of them, the hypoallergenic.Patients have a choice and they can decide which drugs bring them the greatest relief.

In addition to the use of drugs "artificial tears" Conservative treatment includes the patient's own tears.For this purpose one can use a special injection, are introduced into the lacrimal duct.Thus, the patient's own tears produced better and my eyes naturally protected from external influences.

What if my eyes hurt?

huge importance is the use of drops.It is also important to maintain proper hygiene.After a long work at the computer worse eye patients are protected from viruses and bacteria, are more susceptible to infections.Do not rub your eyes, especially with a handkerchief, which was previously used for cleaning the nose.

important to take care of the hygiene of premises where people live with dry eye syndrome.This is part of the regular airing and hydration premises (for example, using a humidifier or ionizer).Well humidified air prevents drying not only your eyes, but also has a positive effect on the nasal mucosa.While working in front of a computer monitor you need a few minutes to take a break.In the course of it you need to make a few nictitans movements, looking at the far corner of the room in which you are working.You can during a break for a moment, close your eyes, and use this time to apply the drops.Your eyes do not like cigarette smoke, even if you're just a passive smoker.

If the vision deteriorates

additional problems caused by working at a computer - is blurred vision, myopia, and headache.The reason is that often continuously flashing screen, which irritates the eyes.Because you are working in close proximity to the screen, there is a reduction of the ciliary muscle, which controls the near and far vision.This is particularly difficult to relax the muscles, which causes problems with vision and distinction of distant objects.In extreme cases, dry eye can lead to corneal opacity.There will only surgery.

How to help your eyes

After a long work at the computer eye pain - what to do?First of all, consult an ophthalmologist, since you can not know exactly what was the cause of vision problems.Very similar symptoms of conjunctivitis, for example.If your doctor determines that it is the syndrome of "dry eye", you can take medications (drops or gel) to moisten the eyes.After examination of you may be prescribed special glasses for computer work.There are some points that enable you to see text on the screen.During the test can also reveal small, unseen until now the problem of vision correction.Then, an ophthalmologist will prescribe you to compensate for this deficiency.The doctor also will recommend to reduce the strain on your eyes.It is not always possible, but you must strive for this.

Fortunately, you can help yourself by raising the display settings.Position the monitor should be exactly at the level of your eyes.So you could look at him, not lowering his head and throwing back her up.Remove from monitor glare and reflections that cause extra strain on the eyes.Do not place the computer near a window or in front of him.Invest a monitor, which has at least 14 inches in diameter and with a CAD workstation at least 20 inches.Set all the parameters of the image on the computer so that the text is readable from a distance of 50-70 cm.

Keep the spine!Sometimes, vision problems can be directly related to the problems in posture!Using the computer has a load on the spine and the cardiovascular system.Therefore it is important to prepare a good workplace.Adjust your chair where you can sit with your back straight.Adjust the seat height so that the thigh bone and shin form an acute angle.Your knees should be higher than the hips.

How to ease the strain on your eyes?

Remember that the eyes need to blink.If you can, for a while, close your eyes and sit so.At least every hour hop off the computer, look into the distance and to focus on distant objects.With its view of the greenery surrounding you.

Every two hours, perform stretching exercises and relaxation of the eye muscles.It does not only get rid of stress, but also improve blood circulation.Here is a sample set of exercises:

  1. alternately translate the eye for long, then on near objects;
  2. Massage fingertips upper eyelids, temples, bridge of the nose;
  3. rolled his eyes in different directions;
  4. Just sit with your eyes closed at least a minute.

Make sure that the room where you work, the air was dry.Ventilate the room often, in winter, use humidifiers.There may be a prophylactic use of "dry tears" when working with a computer.

Drink plenty of fluids.Lachrymal glands do not work properly, if the body is dehydrated.Walk over the street, avoid tobacco smoke, which causes irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes.Practicing the eye are not only to monitor, but also throughout the day.When the more alarming symptoms - severe pain, redness of the eyes, the fall of - immediately contact your doctor.

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