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Folk remedies for the treatment of thrush

Who once in my life encountered such unpleasant disease like genital candidiasis, he knows - stick contagion firmly and permanently.Difficult to treat and surely becomes chronic.And after seemingly successful treatment of candidiasis again and again makes itself felt.What is the reason for its vitality?It's simple - the disease is cured, and the background is favorable for its development, is not going away.Take, for hormonal contraceptives, which are currently widely used.They're also provoke the development of thrush.However, few of them refuses.If you often change sexual partners, have endocrine diseases or depressed immune system - increases chances of getting thrush.

Few people can boast that they eat properly and not abuse sweets, pastry and alcohol.Here you have another reason for the disease.After several ineffective treatments, many seek the advice of non-traditional medicine.Combine medicine and folk remedies is possible, but first you need to establish an accurate diagnosis.Otherwise, the op

posite effect is possible - the aggravation of the disease.After treatment, the right, for example, a fungal pathogen of the disease is contraindicated in bacterial disease.

main objective of folk remedies for thrush is to change the environment to alkaline, which is fatal to the pathogen.But this environment is ideal agents of bacterial sexually transmitted diseases.The usual average person does not possess such knowledge.Therefore, it is capable of self-harm themselves instead of helping.It is best to first get tested.It confirmed the presence of the fungus Candida, and the absence of other diseases.Under the supervision of a physician supplement the basic treatment of folk remedies or fix them after recovery effect.It is not necessary to endure the all the traditional recipes from yeast, many of them are ineffective.

Very often pregnant women suffer from thrush.Just it a traditional medicine - loyal assistant.Many drugs traditional medicine are contraindicated for pregnant women.A authorized agent (typically suppositories, ointments or lotions) - little help, since hardly enter the bloodstream.Their action is limited to the surface layers of the mucous membrane, while the fungus rapidly penetrates deeper.Blending traditional remedies with traditional treatment, it is possible to achieve better results, without damaging either the mother or the child.

Alternative medicine for the treatment of thrush offers mostly use vegetable recipes.Infusions of herbs such as the pharmacy chamomile, juniper, birch buds, celandine is used in the treatment of external genital and vaginal douching.Their brewed approximately the same - 1 teaspoon per cup of hot water.

douching can be carried out, and herbal teas.For example, mix 1 part oak bark, 1 part chamomile pharmacy, 5 parts of knotweed grass, 3 parts nettle leaves.Then 2 tablespoons of the resulting mixture pour 1 liter of hot water and bring to a boil.Boiled for about 5 minutes, strain the broth.

Here is another collection.Take yarrow, rosemary and sage leaves to 1 part oak bark 2 parts.100 grams of the resulting mixture, pour 3 liters of water and boil.Dilute with the broth, use it for washing away.The undiluted it suitable for irrigation or soaking tampons.

Please note that the fees necessarily present oak bark, which is well restores damaged mucosa.A chamomile is known to all its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic action.The remaining components are only slightly improve the already treated effectively.You can, in principle, do without them.

St. John's wort is also struggling with the milkmaid.2 teaspoons herb is taken 200 grams of water, 15 minutes, heated in a water bath.But soda solution is better not to be used for the treatment of adults from yeast, the effect it brings.But newborns helps.

Applying herbalism, do not forget that it has no contraindications and side effects.It should appoint a doctor, by combining with the main treatment.

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