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Relaxation as a method of dealing with stress

rest and recover in a short time helps relaxation.Under the Latin term medical relaxatio understand relaxation or a sharp reduction in the tone of the skeletal muscles up to complete immobilization.We here see it as a deep muscle relaxation, accompanied by the removal of mental strain as a result of special psychophysiological methods.Conscious Relaxation is an integral part of most psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and hypnotic techniques.It became widespread in the health of Eastern teachings (Zen, martial arts, qigong, yoga, meditation and other systems).

Muscle relaxation as a method to counter everyday stress acquired great importance.After the stress tests every second office worker.You'll find plenty of books and brochures that promise to help you to some extent relax.However, doctors strongly advised to engage the eastern pagan practices of relaxation, so you do not become a patient psycho-neurological clinic.Do not use "scientific" techniques that include the terms "chakras - mantra - Nirvana - a

tman - Avatar - aura - thin margins - ethereal body."Also strictly avoid recipes relaxation incense or drinking any ekzotichestkih "muscle relaxant".And give up listening to meditation "audio drugs" that can enter the human meditative trance.For medicine, these recommendations have nothing to do.A bottle of beer, a glass of vodka or cognac, strictly speaking, are not relaxants and antidepressants.These "drugs" means take in small doses, and in a completely different situation.

Underlying medical theory of muscle relaxation, popularly speaking, is following the conviction.To relax your body, you need a soothing influence on the psyche and mental relaxation leads to the relaxation of the muscle.For example, a perfect master of technique relaxation American president John F. Kennedy.During a speech from the podium of his political opponent, so he could relax, that I was able to sleep soundly in a chair for 15 minutes to wake up refreshed and full of energy to the political debate.That is, before the relaxation of the need to make an informed decision about anything not to worry and to take a position outside observer, to all at the time of indifference and passive attitude.

For relaxation classes at home should choose a quiet, comfortable and quiet place.Also important is a comfortable temperature and dim lighting.To drown out other sounds, you can use the so-called "white noise" (such as computer audio effects - the roar of a waterfall, gurgling brook).It is necessary to adopt the most comfortable position.It is better to remove tight clothing and jewelry uncomfortable.The attitude of "lying" for complete relaxation of the neck muscles do not use a pillow and turn the head to one side.It is necessary to close your eyes and begin your chosen method of relaxation.

The most simple and effective relaxation in the workplace - "abdominal breathing" (belly breathing) Turn off the phone and ask colleagues during the relaxation does not bother you.Do 10 breaths (preferably 2 sets of 10 cycles with interruptions) in the following manner:

• inhale slowly through your nose until abdomen is no limit to the "swell";

• hold for a few seconds, your breathing;

• exhale very slowly through your nose or mouth, is not from the lungs exhale the air.

This relaxation exercise not only promotes the oxygenation of your blood, but also in general promotes the development of proper breathing techniques.Experts advise to use this technique in a moment of strong emotions, panic, anger, excitement, before making important decisions.However, whatever methods and relaxation techniques you use, it should follow the general rules:

• should be addressed on a daily basis the first two months, then the intensity can be reduced gradually to 2 times a week;

• recommended to engage in the first month to 20 - 30 minutes, 2 times a day.In the second month of 20 minutes 1 time per day.Then, having reached a certain level of skill relaxation classes last for 10 - 15 minutes;

• the best time for a relaxation period: before going to sleep, before eating, after waking up;

• a better deal every day at the same time;

• on a full stomach should not be engaged as full relaxation interfere with the digestive process.

• positive effects of relaxation can be significantly increased at the expense of high-quality massage.

Choosing relaxation as a method of dealing with stress, you will improve your health and save natural beauty.