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What can cause chronic sleep deprivation

Chronic lack of sleep

The fact that our external beauty and inner harmony depends on sleep for a long time and a lot of talking.But only in the last 25 years, scientists of all kinds and grades of steel to make and receive amazing discoveries about the devastating impact on the entire body of an elementary lack of sleep a week.Just one glance to determine the stress state of all systems that work for wear.

hectic lifestyle will all impact on the outer shell - the skin.It is like any other organ in need of proper blood circulation and sufficient supply of oxygen.It is worth a day or two to sleep is not as treacherous not mask circles under the eyes, skin rashes appear.And the eyes themselves are like two inflamed lights.Beauty will save only a dream!It gives a definition different phases and intervals of sleep, which has a special health-restoring function:

1. o'clock and four o'clock in the morning - actively dividing cells of the epidermis, which is very handy will fall a variety of beauty produ

cts.That is why it is so important for the night to put the appropriate cream solid nutrient base to act overnight.

2. Before going to bed until absorbed can be applied to active ingredients with enzymes and glycolic acid.Then, before the active phase of circulation, he not only align the complexion, but also displays the excess fluid from the body.

3. Foot massage, a circular motion on the belly, a relaxing massage in the shoulder area is not only pleasant.But winds and active points of the body that are responsible for digestion, elimination of toxins and skin cleansing.

4. All procedures for losing weight effectively spend the night after a relaxing bath and contrast shower.It is in a quiet sleep the body produces a hormone that breaks down fatty deposits.If you add to it special formula's Skin Care, the result will be doubled.Be aware that the anti-cellulite or moisturizing creams should be applied thinly and in a circular motion so as not to overload the body.

5. cortisol - a stress hormone that comes along with fatigue, slow metabolism and at times increases the feeling of hunger.It also alters the blood sugar level and leads to the active fat accumulation.That is why, saying: "To be slim, you need to sleep" - has a solid evidence base.And it is better to trust, without personal experiments.

Possible health problems

not always sleep problems associated with the busy schedule.Most often, we fall asleep more difficult because of objective factors that we repeat every day.They become a habit and will certainly lead to problems in falling asleep, an uncomfortable sleep and tiredness on waking.Chronic lack of sleep can cause the following problems:

• Headaches and unpleasant dreams may be the result of slow blood circulation.For example, by a tight rubber bands on the hair, groomed hair masks or too aggressive, causing the whole night.

• Pain in the back, neck, spine, muscle cramps, and even body are feeling cold because of the wrong the equipped bedrooms.Bed rather flat mattress - medium hardness, pillow should support the head and not to bend the spine.

• dry skin, drying of the nasal mucosa, sore throat occur due to the low humidity in the room.It is proved that the most comfortable sleep requires a well-ventilated room and the temperature is not above 20 degrees Celsius.

• Allergy, numbness, increased body temperature largely determines sleepwear.No synthetics, frills and tight rubber bands.Natural, light and low-key tone tune in to a deep sleep.

And, of course, is not that so does not affect us, as a daily way of life.Try not to overload the evening and night stormy meetings, problem solving, dense culinary delights, exercise, or the beginning of far-reaching projects.Tune in to the night's rest, and then even the small amount of sleep to recover strength for the new day!

Just the facts

• When sleep deprivation overweight not only is not lost, on the contrary, builds up.Even with strict diet, lack of sleep 3:00 reduces its effectiveness by 55%.

• Strong and prolonged sleep prevents psychosis.But lack of sleep turns into a week-long loss of attention, concentration and overexcitement.

• 18 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes - so long is a record for the longest lack of sleep.The winner of this dubious "event" is suffering disorders, hallucinations and memory lapses.

• Sleep in a noisy environment reduces the activity of the immune properties of the body.

• Average life of the mattress bed - 8 years.Then there is the accumulation of harmful microorganisms that worsen the overall state of sleep.

• Frequent use of sleeping pills sleep phase breaks and leads to the breakdown of the regime.Special medications justified only under strong stress and only on the advice of the doctor.

• Studies have found that women for the prevention of stress is required for one hour more sleep than men.

dream - it is a natural physiological and natural processes, so much difficulty in the management does not require.We need to clearly know how it flows, and create favorable conditions.Then health and wave energy will not pass by you.The first phase - falling asleep, relax, nap, moving into the subconscious.No sharp sounds, thoughts and sudden loud impact.The second phase - complete relaxation and beta radiation of the brain waves.The third phase - the longest when you dream, is the most updated and relaxation of all body systems.The fourth phase - the brain activity similar to wakefulness, dreams so very vivid and accurate.

Knowing what can cause chronic sleep deprivation, you need to optimally plan your day.The evening should be exempt from critical cases.And be sure to find time for a healthy eight-hour sleep.