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How to beat shyness and stop blushing

1. said that the mirror picks up energy.We do the opposite.Every morning, be sure to look in the mirror and give myself up, smile, and try to remember the feelings that appear on the face.Smiles before bed and smile at every opportunity.All this will help to maintain a sense of confidence.

2. not think about physical shortcomings.Everyone has their complexes.Fat people dream of being thin, thin always want to be fatter.If your records do not harm well-being, then discard all the thoughts out of my head.

3. Try to be critical to the people.Because, by criticizing others, we believe that just as people criticize us, and against this background confidence fades.

4. Speaking publicly, it seems that you are starting to blush, and all this people pay attention.But most of all the people who came to listen to you, will go into the details of your report.And your reddish complexion will talk about the good condition of your skin.No need to hide the fact that such a reaction like many members of the o

pposite sex.Blush people who have problems with speech, people with glasses and so on.

5. before some responsible action, search for "colleague unrest" if you share with someone else, that you are worried, you can be sure that you are not alone.And it may be, against other you feel more confident.

6. Do not use alcohol in order to be liberated.When you are sober, you get a chance to win sympathy for myself, while alcoholic beverages reduces the performance of the brain, reduces self-criticism, which leads to the desired results are not.And this mask confidence unconvincing.

7. In many situations, excessive modesty is a great advantage in many situations, than to listen to the endless verbal flow.People love it when they listen, and you listen to the people.When you're listening to them, that you arrange them yourself.But we should not allow the awkward silence.

8. Try to be more open.Do not pretend to be who you are not.Do not hide if there is something you do not know.After all, it is impossible to know, remind the person that you are the same person, and that he, and then you will increase the chances of an open sincere conversation.

9. not use aggressive techniques.Some, trying to overcome shyness, become the aggressive state and behave provocatively.Of course, such behavior will not lead to positive results.Thus, a person establish itself, most likely with a bad hand.If these people are turning to you restrain yourself, as much as possible in decent shape.Maybe compliment you no one will say, but in my memory postpone your manners and restraint.Confident people do not rush into extremes.

10. The worst thing that can happen when you set yourself in a bad light, when there is a failure of your expectations.In this situation, it is better not to go beyond the limits of decency.And there are certain advantages.Actors years learning to entertain the audience, but not everyone can do it.You can learn how to manage enormous forces and to direct these forces in the right direction.

Some people give the impression of a "weak in the knees", "expose themselves under attack," "die-hards", "bendable under the burden of responsibility."Body and they fully comply with this characteristic and reflect their personal styles and individual settings.Often unnatural bending back or sprawling gait inherited from parents, inheriting thus the unresolved conflicts with itself and with the world.To obtain a natural manifestation of emotion and freedom of movement, do a few simple exercises.

Steps to emancipate
Bringing sensitivity to your body.Lie down on the floor and noticeable horizontal surface portion of each of its body.Pay attention to places that feel poorly.Try these points "breathe", filled them with energy.We will test itself, as far as we are free.We take the position of "stars."Many first time it is difficult to leave open the groin area.How do you feel free to "star", it can be concluded, as you allow yourself to be free.

Normally our movements led by stereotypes.Let us recall how we usually move when we go shopping or to work.We eliminate all unnecessary to track stereotypes blurted aloud action.Let during cooking, lists his actions: "My right hand goes up, I'm starting to move beyond the hand, getting on tiptoe to open the cabinet and so on.It is important to understand what happens to the body at the moment, try to feel each movement, to catch all the unnecessary and thus break the chain of stereotypes.

Exercise called "Jazz of the body."Let's try to move and rotate the head.Then turn into the dance pelvis, knees, body, hands, forearms, elbows, shoulders, feet, until the whole body to move.We move freely as we like, and use the maximum space.We need to dance evenly and harmoniously involved the whole body.Other new options allow the movement to expand living space, develop sensitivity, freed from constraint.

to gain confidence and awareness of the forces, dancing in a circle of his space.Around itself to outline the range of his or label tape, move it, and the involved three tiers - a variant of interaction with the land, the middle tier - the level of the body and the top tier - the space just above the top of the head.This exercise helps to keep the boundaries of personal space for each conversation.

When a moment of inner stiffness when the arms and legs seem strange, took a slow, deep exhale.Then a short breath, and again a deep breath.This breathing technique can alleviate stress.In the evening, when we remove the clothes before going to bed, imagine leaving with her power over the day.Lying in bed, make a few breaths, exhale imagine that exhale stress that accumulated during the day stress, and when to breathe, imagine that if breathe in the rest energy.And at bedtime necessarily think of something pleasant.

Doing these simple exercises, you can stop blushing embarrassment and defeat.Home more confidence and then you will succeed.

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