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Elena Perova from the series "Margot"

Does the star of the series "Margot" itself successfully

question, in fact, difficult, says Elena Perova.Because to be absolutely pleased with herself - hard.But always be unhappy, too, can not, because then life ceases to be delicious.Elena believes that success comes to a person when he is able to feel the joy of what was happening to him.Elena sings and leads the show, and in films.The most famous film with her participation will certainly show "Margot."But she would not want to drive themselves into the framework.She is equally comfortable in all these areas.As recognized by Elena: "I think I can say I consider myself successful man.I was most pleased with my life environment: the people I love and who love me are next to me, in spite of everything. "

How to learn to enjoy life

necessary to cultivate this ability to learn throughout finding the positive aspects.People come to work, go home quickly dream.But back home, they want to once again plunge into the job.On the third day of rest agai

n, many people want to start their work responsibilities and returning from leave, I want to go to the beach.No matter how much money we earn no, we can not get enough.Most people are constantly dissatisfied with something: the fact that they have, and what is not.Many even began to treat so close to people, finding someone to his pair, he immediately thought that could find someone better.Depriving yourself of such prejudice - the first step to learning how to enjoy life.

Elena Perova How long have learned to feel happy

This came not so long ago, by trial and error.Through self-examination, through some hardships and losses.Elena seems that any tests and drama people need.After all, if, imagine a person is born and has absolutely everything is good - then he will not even realize that he was happy.

However, men and women are happy in different ways.First, men and women have set themselves different goals in life.However, there are women who set themselves the goal of men.It's scary resent a strong half.After all, most of them think that women just can not manage people and pay for themselves in the restaurant.Lena Perova stands for equality of the sexes, although I understand that in this case, each should remain their own little peculiarities.Remarkably, when a man helps to put on a coat or gives way.And bad, when he knocks on the table and says: "I am the master here, go to the kitchen."And if a woman knows how to manage staff, then why not do all these things?In general, Elena for us to respect each other.After all, happiness - this inner feeling, not that it is accepted by public opinion.Becoming a successful pursuit of the wrong goals impossible.

What is important to remember, moving to the dream

success can not be secured for all.It swings today the rise, and tomorrow may be the opposite.We must always remember this.And here it is very important to use the time on his hand stagnation, which we perceive as a failure.For example, if you stop to take pictures, there is no proposal from the directors can use this time to restore health, to communicate with loved ones, hobbies.This also applies to the current crisis.Many lost their jobs and throw up their hands, and some even began to become an inveterate drunkard.But maybe this is a chance to review your life and do something new.

Elena Perova of her character in the series "MargotĀ»

Elena believes that her character Anne Somov quite happy.She has certain aspirations, ideals of life.Elena Perova and her character in general is very similar characters.This determined the choice of the director, when he called Lena for this role: she did not even participated in the trials.Similarity Elena Perova in the TV series "Margot" with its heroine expressed views on life, the creative sphere of activity, response to change.

Elena herself explains: "Although it's difficult to imagine how I would have behaved if my best friend was the woman.But perhaps, just like my character.In fact, to predict their reaction to things that seem unreal to us, it is difficult.We believe in what we want to believe.Even in any fiction.No wonder the soundtrack to the series was precisely our song "Mumiy Troll" "Science Fiction."I remember, had already started shooting, and at that moment I was engaged in filling even one music site, and got me a new album "Mumiy Troll".When I heard this song, I realized that this is our song. "

Areas where Elena Perova still would like to try myself

Elena interested in many things.But she does not want to get hung up on one, even the most interesting projects.Her motto in life: "I live here and now, and I like it."

wish Elena Perova from the series "Margot" of success and new creative discoveries!