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Biography of actor Leonid Filatov

Filatova story interesting, even if we take his name.The fact that the parents of the actor were namesakes.Mom and Dad Leonid precisely because of this met.Their biography is interesting and unconventional in the sense that they simply could not meet, if not the case.Mom Filatov worked in a factory, where handing out lists of soldiers who want to write on the front.That mother saw Leonid namesake, wrote to him, and then they met, got married.In the final result, this led to the birth of the future actor.Unfortunately, they have lived together for long, and after a divorce mother and son left.Biography boy continued in Ashgabat, where they lived with relatives.By the way, there Leonid opened talent for writing business.While still a teenager, a high school student, Lenya already sent their work to the local press, and published there.

But besides passion for literature, Leonid also interested in theater.When he was in the tenth grade, then she told friends and family that, after graduation, went to Mosc

ow, where he is required to go to VGIK.Nobody discouraged, because even then friends and acquaintances noticed that the guy, no doubt, have a talent for acting.Therefore, immediately after graduation, Lenya and a few of his classmates went to Moscow.In fact, the guys were so confident in their abilities simply because they led boyish insolence.They really thought that everyone is waiting for them there, and they will go where they want.But everything turned out completely wrong.For example, he wanted to become a director Filatov, but this faculty of VGIK it was not accepted.Leonid been disappointed in their abilities, when one of his classmates told him not to give up ahead of time and try your hand still in the Shchukin School.Only this time, do not directing, and acting department.Filatov listen to good advice, and did the right thing.It took the Shchukin School and there he graduated Lviv and Shikhmatov.

Education Filatov completed in 1969.He was immediately invited to the Taganka Theater.Many of his friends and acquaintances thought that the guy does not fit the theater under his character.Leonid was quite calm and level-headed young man.And all the Taganka has always been fast, loud.Yet, this time, Leonid did not listen to the views of friends and went to serve it in the theater.The actor did not regret their choice not once in his life.This theater has become precisely the place where Filatov could reveal itself.Yes, of course, he did not make the actor a world celebrity, but helped to find themselves.Filatov often recalled that at first he did have the ambition and he wanted to become a very famous, but then he realized that it was not important.After playing in his first play "What to do?"Chernyshevsky, the young man realized that his audience understood and accepted.Let him know not millions, but hundreds, but hundreds of these immediately and sincerely loved him.And, then, he was a really talented actor and the public's attitude proves it.At the Taganka Theater Filatov I played a lot of interesting, diverse and memorable roles.He showed himself and tragedian, and dramatic actor and comedian.At each performance, which had full houses for Filatov it has always been his place, his role, which he played so beautifully and sincerely that all the spectators have always admired the young and talented actor.

worth noting that Filatov very respectful to the head of the theater Lyubimov.He admired his skill and ability to create.Lyubimov also perfect treat for young talent, gave him interesting roles, praised him.But when compared with the other actors, Filatov played the Taganka not so much.Perhaps another actor would have thought that his ambition is not satisfied, and began to look for a new job.Yet, Filatov was not like that.He believed that gets are enough to reveal to the audience and find yourself on stage.Besides, he is very much appreciated your staff and your friends.Filatov - this is the man who always put the good of the team above their own ambitions.Besides, we worked with him such amazing and wonderful people that Filatov could easily understand.He played on the same stage with Vladimir Vysotsky, Valery Zolotukhin, Alla Demidova, Boris Khmelnitsky.

But, of course, Filatov known to viewers not only in the theater.He has played many interesting roles in the film.We all know the "Forgotten Melody for Flute" and "Crew".In addition to these paintings, filmography actor has many other interesting films, which have become a major contribution to Soviet cinema.Filatov himself well versed in film and loved the variety of styles and genres, while favoring only qualitative and deep cinema.More than anything, Filatov loved Fellini.It is at this director, he was equal, when he created his own picture in their scenarios.Filatov was an actor, director and poet.He received the status of a national favorite, but strongly undermined health.At the time, Leonid had surgery on the kidneys, and this undermined his health.So when he was hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia, doctors were unable to save the actor.Filatov died just fifty-six years.

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