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Life singer Alsou

The city Bugulma born charming little girl, whose parents gave the name of Alsou.Later, in connection with the work of his father, the family moved to the north, the city of Kogalym, and she grew up there until she was 9 years old.As early as 5 years old my parents bought a piano baby, and Alsou gladly learned to play on it.And then, in 1991, the family of the future singer moved to Moscow (father became vice-president of concern "Lukoil").

Alsou Russia could finish in three classes in secondary school when my parents decided to continue her studies abroad.The girl moved to London, she quickly mastered, learned the language, but certainly missed his family.In 1997 he briefly returned to Moscow, she studied one year in high school and flew back to London.

beginning of a successful career of singer Alsou can assume familiarity with the renowned producer - Valery Belotserkovsky.He noted seductive voice and unique style of performance the young beauty, but, of course, to succeed still had a lot of work.Pr

obably not such a person, who does not remember the explosive success of the first clip of the singer "Winter Dream", which was released on February 1, 1999. This song became the hallmark for Alsou. And then began releasing numerous albums, touring, a successful career, joint projectswith leading artists and musicians.

life of the singer took a sharp turn. In May 2000, Świecko Stockholm took Alsou, as a representative of Russia at the international contest "Eurovision". In its 16 years, the youngest participant has achieved incredible success - she was awarded an honorable secondplace. After that it localized not only in Europe but throughout the world.

At his 17th birthday Alsou arranged countrymen incredible gift - a free concert on the central square of the city Bugulma. It was a delightful show! It seemed the whole citycame to see and listen to the performance of the favorite. At the concert, it was declared "honorary citizen of the city," and the day before, at a concert in Kazan Alsou learned about assigning her the honorary title "Honored Artist of Tatarstan."And that's 17 years!

November 8, 2001 at the ceremony of MTV "Europe Music Awards" Alsou waited one more well-deserved surprise - it was named the most popular Russian singer in 2001.

truly great success was marked by three solo concerts in Moscow, which took place in November 2002.Alsou was the first performer, who has spent three very different stunning concert at three different venues.

Parallel to this, the singer continued his studies and successfully completed the College of Art in London.And then I decided to go to the HOST (formerly GITIS), for acting school is one of the best.

now Alsu owner of a great many diplomas, prizes and awards, but all of them have to do with creativity.

But the singer's personal life - the standard of excellence.Romantic acquaintance with her future husband Yan Abramov in the spring of 2005, their relations have developed quite naturally.Already 18 March 2006 Alsou and Ian became husband and wife.Gorgeous, glowing with happiness Alsou and Ian welcomed about 500 guests in the SRC "Russia".Everyone who saw the couple celebrated the wonderful atmosphere of their relationship.

In marriage the most expensive gift for every woman, no doubt, are considered her children.Life Alsou and presented the gift, making it doubly happy.All because now Alsu mother of two beautiful daughters.The eldest daughter, Safina, was born on 7 September 2006, and the youngest, Michelli, was born on April 29, 2008.The name for the eldest daughter of his father suggested, it is so similar to the maiden name Alsou, although very unusual.But the name chosen for the younger together, looking even on the Internet, have not yet found one that pleased both spouses.Alsou and Yan do not show pictures of their daughters correspondents believe that the extra eyes to anything.Here they grow up, and then decide whether they want to have their portraits flashed on the pages of the tabloids.While

daughter grow, their mother immensely happy and enjoying family comfort in a large, bright house.She knows how to perfectly cook, enjoys a home, there are many home colors, there's even a conservatory with exotic plants.

now Alsu not often appear on stage, delighting his many fans, and this is not surprising.Alsou herself admitted that the main thing for her - family, career and although she is not going to throw.But so far it projects are few domestic character - she plans to release an album of lullabies.Many of these songs are a young mother sings to her daughters for the night, they are often asked to sing it one way or another song.But all his free time Alsou spends with the children, even if part of the day given to the process of filming or recording songs, unconditionally belongs to the second part of his daughters.Singer creates in his life a harmonious combination, so that her job was in no way to the detriment of the family.In life there is no place Alsou parties, she prefers quiet family celebrations.Perhaps that is why among her friends no pop stars.

And this beautiful woman engaged in charity.All income from the last album, which is slated for September, Alsou plans to give aid to orphanages and hospitals.Since the proceeds from album sales is not so big, even in its plans to organize a charity concert to the amount passed on to children, it was more significant.

In the life of this singer in a short time there were many different events that prove her undeniable talent.A strong and successful woman named Alsou she built her life, turning it into a fairy tale, in which the little girl grew up, has been successful, married a prince and they lived happily ever after.Let this tale comes to life and beyond, and we will rejoice and Alsou new successes in life and in art.