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How to explain to her husband that extra in-law

you live in the house-in-law

How to explain to her husband that extra in-law, if a young family man living with his parents?In this case-law seems to be and can not be excessive, because it is her home.But on the other hand, it must be understood that the young couple should have its own life and their own lives.But what do you do when the mother in law ever want to explain something and suggest?

Firstly, we must understand that this behavior interferes with my husband as well as a daughter or he agrees with everything.If the guy did not thrilled with the fact that his mother does and thinks it superfluous, while half of the problems solved.But in this situation, her husband, is likely to be in conflict with the mother-in-law was angry with daughter even more.She had to assume that this is the son sets up against it.Therefore daughter should learn to avoid conflicts.And in the first and in the second case, it must explain to her husband that his mother goes too far, but at the same time, to develop

with him the strategy of behavior in which the conflict is settled, not flare up.However, unfortunately, there are in-law, with whom it is impossible not to fight.But in this case, the conversation does not help.

If the husband of the mother, ask him what makes him so.Let try to explain the reasons for their behavior.Perhaps he had grown up in a family where the mother has always been authoritarian and simply afraid of her.There is another option, when my mother did everything for his son and he does not want it to hurt and insult.However, in both cases the husband simply did not attempt to assess the situation, guided by fear or pity.Therefore it is necessary to explain to him that with all due respect to his mom in your family solve problems just you and him.And you would not want to impose his mother-in behavior.Give him examples in which the mother embed their "five cents" in the end everything turned out not the way he wanted.In every family where the mother in law is constantly trying to get into the attitudes of young, sure there are many such examples.Therefore, rummage in his memory, and pick up the brightest.The main thing is never simply say to her husband that his mother an extra bad and it is not right.Match their words with arguments, otherwise he'll think you're just slander-law.In the case where you live in the house of his mother, remember that in the home, most likely it will still be dominant because it's her house and then she mistress.With this you simply have to accept.

-law lives separately

If you live separately from her husband's mother, but she always calls, he comes to visit and all the controls, then try to explain to her husband that his mother missed him and ask him to visit her more often.Perhaps if she will see her son regularly, then you will no longer get.However, this method does not always work, and then you need to correct to ask her husband to the mother's limited communication with you.Tell him that, due to constantly come to visit and call, you just do not have time to deal with life, because constantly have to pay attention to his mother.So if he wants to in the house was clean, cleaned and always expect a delicious dinner, then let him explain to his mother that you have a lot of things that you do not have time to run because communication with her.

And finally - the education of children.In that case, ask him if he wants to be a child saw in him the authority and always obeyed?Of course, the answer is yes.Then explain that when my grandmother constantly corrects the decision of parents, children then start to perceive it as the only authority, forgetting that the latter is the final word should remain with the mother and father.

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