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Casual hairstyles for long hair

Catch a wave

Smooth hair, as a variant of everyday hairstyles for long hair - it's very dull for today.Curls - that's what we should conquer others.By the way, everyday hairstyles with curls - it's always sexy and elegant.

«retro diva»

This hairstyle for long hair has smooth hair at the roots and large glossy locks on the level of the cheekbones.To create this hairstyle we wash hair balm that has a smoothing effect.Then use the towel dried strands and causes with thermal styling tool.Then we make a side parting and divide hair into strands of medium width.The entire length of the hair until it stops cheat each of them on the styler that has a thick rod, then fix the paint, curl into ringlets and anchoring clamps.Once they have cooled, carefully untwist them and then sprinkled with lacquer.Finally, comb with a comb function of ionization.

«Effect negligence»

This casual hairstyle based on careless curls, which should have the look, as if they were tousled by the wind.At first we put on dry

hair spray to form curls.We provide clear and parting, divide hair into strands width of 5 centimeters and wind on utyuzhok, twisting out.For cooling curl locks of hair in curls and fix them.Then, remove the clips and comb strands with your fingers.Fix a nail.Freshen hairstyle help following trick: we fingertips massaging your scalp and hair regains the perfect shape.So this hairstyle can please you a few days.


essence of this hairstyle is a smooth top and soft curls.My hair with shampoo and conditioner for hair volume.Then distributed over the entire length of hair foam for heat styling.Divide hair into strands and cheat each of them on the styler is not spinning hair, fix them with a clip.Slightly curled hair ostuzhivaem cold air dryer.Untwist and comb them.On top lacquer hair fix.

«Easy mess»

hairstyle looks volume comb mane lion.Apply on the hair fixing spray with matte effect.Prosushivaya strands hairdryer, cheat them from root to comb brushing and fix the clamps until cool.Remove the clips and comb your hair.Then tease them at the roots of the same comb ruffles strands over the entire length to achieve the desired volume.For greater durability use lacquer, spray it all over the hair.

The full

This season style 70s recalled his hairstyles.This suggests that the volume of returns and we can safely experiment with our hair.

«explosive tail»

Thanks to the usual bouffant ponytail looks glamorous.Draw a deep side parting, hair brushed back and collect them in the bottom of the tail at the back.Separating single strand width of about 2 cm, winding it around the gum and fix with the help of hairpins.Now we do the hair of that collected in the tail mini curls, twirling them on the studs and processed by ironing each strand that is wound on the pin.Ostuzhivaem hair and pull studs, making lightweight fleece with your fingers.We fix her hair lacquer.

«Mini Bob»

twirled into a bob - ideal for thin hair long hair.Applied to the surface of hair styling base.Make a parting, and the entire length of the hair tease.Low on the nape assemble them into a low ponytail.We wrap it in and fix pins.On both sides pull the thin strands of wax and shape them.Spray provides excellent resistance.

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