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How to make curls in the hair?

«intensity» curls, their size, volume and clarity are crucial for the hairstyles.If you have facial features are too large and stately figure, then you are unlikely to fit small curls.But the smooth, loose waves "natural" stacking is just what we need!And if you are thin and the growth does not exceed 140 centimeters, you can quite afford any kind of curls, even the well-known "petty demon"!

Naturally, without exception can not do.Much can supplement and change accessories, clothes, a lot depends on your type of person.That is why the experiment - the first weapon of modern fashionista: try, boldly experiment!It may come out that will suit you something completely unexpected.

Tool solves a lot!

There are hundreds of ways to curl beautiful fashionable curls.The only thing you need - to select a tool and method that would come to you personally.Below we will try to understand the nuances of working with the most common tools for curling curls.

Doing curls: curling (curling).

Everyone knows that t

he tongs come in different sizes and diameters.Here everything is clear and understandable than the diameter the more the larger curls.Tongs considered a universal tool.They are suitable for curling tips, and cheat curls over the entire length of hair.However, they are better suited to make a clear, graphic quality locks.This curl can be done only with forceps!

We must remember that the basis for working with curling is a rule: the strand thinner the lock clearly, and the need to keep the hair short on curling.

strand can not overheat, otherwise the hair will become brittle, they will be easily damaged.

Doing curls: utyuzhok rectifier.

Yes, we're not mistaken, with the help of ironing hair can straighten not only, but also cheat.Naturally, you can use the iron is not available for all models prochesok, but some species will allow you to do curls like a queen.Utyuzhok can come if you want to create a three-dimensional, beautiful curls, waves.If you need small curls, select another tool utyuzhok as hair dryer, this will not do.I must say that the current models of irons are able to save your time and additionally protect the hair, because they allow you to curl your hair wet.

Doing curls: curlers.

Often many of the word "curlers" there is a picture with the grandmother's rubber "cheat", which is necessary to sleep, to curl the hair curls or remembered my mother's "termushki" that must be boiled and then, at the risk of getting burned, try tomake the hair curls.Today curlers become quite different.There are those who bask yourself in a beautiful box to the right temperature, you can only take them to wind and locks, spending the whole process only a 15 minutes rather than the whole night!

Doing curls: brushing (round hairbrush) and a hairdryer.

In the salons is the most common method of laying, but they do not often use at home.By the way, in vain.Light, natural wave just do it with a hair dryer, and brushing.Only these tools will create the largest amount of hair.At first, when blow-drying, it is necessary to dry the roots of the hair, lifting them, and then work out the length of the hair with a round brush and twisting the ends.Moreover, the ends can twist both inside and on the contrary, to the outside.

Doing curls: attachment air styler

most probably a universal tool is the air styler.This is all the more relevant, as long as it has included a few tips.Styler, being the closest relative of combs and hair dryer, as its functionality is not inferior to them.You can choose any nozzle to change the size and shape of curls.To do loose waves - select larger nozzle to make small curls - a nozzle with a smaller volume.There is a tool, similar in its action forceps.Her chosen to achieve the effect of curl definition.And it can create a beautiful spiral curls.And yet there is a normal working hub, which will help raise the hair and dry the roots for more volume hairstyle.