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Hair treatment mesotherapy

adversely affect on the hair, both external and internal factors:

  • modern ecology, especially in urban areas;
  • seasonal problems with hair.Usually with the onset of spring hair weakened and fall due to lack of in the body trace elements and vitamins;
  • hormonal disorders due to disturbances in the endocrine glands;
  • constant depression and stress, especially those who lead intensive lifestyles;
  • frequent use of antibiotics;
  • unbalanced nutrition, which leads to the fact that the body lacks the necessary amount of vitamins, trace elements and oxygen;
  • often hair falls after birth;
  • androgenic alopecia;
  • unfavorable heredity.

mesotherapy procedures aimed at the effective solution to the problems with the hair, and it will stop hair loss, weakening and thinning sekuchest.Mesotherapy also has the ability to cleanse the scalp, normalize sebum secretion, stimulate the growth of new healthy hair.

Indications and contraindications.

procedure is shown in pathological hair loss - alopecia, androgenic alope

cia, a violation of the sebaceous glands - seborrhea, dandruff, brittle and section hair ends, itchy scalp.

procedure is contraindicated in the presence of allergy to drugs that are used in cocktails for the procedure;during menstruation;while carrying the baby and breast-feeding;when gallstones;in the presence of a pathological fear of the needle;when using certain medications that conflict with mesotherapy drugs.

mesotherapy Hair Treatment is carried out by injection with special medical preparations that are being made under the scalp.Therapeutic drug is individually each time, the composition of these preparations will depend on the clinical situation.

Usually in the cocktails for such procedures include zinc, B vitamins and amino acids.All these components can effectively normalize sebum secretion, stop hair loss, thus return the hair health and beauty.

In addition to these components in the composition may include melanin - a component by which accelerates the growth of hair, besides melanin makes hair go gray.

Because cocktail is injected under the skin of the head finest needles to a depth of 4 mm mesotherapy passes as painlessly as possible.

Sometimes injections made even in the collar zone, allowing normal microcirculation.Injections do manually and hardware.Manualnomu - drugs were injected, hardware drugs enter special gun.The duration of one treatment is about 30 minutes.

In those cases where the single procedure is not sufficient to achieve the desired effect is several procedures, i.e. a certain course of treatment, which may be ten sessions.

the day, when it is planned to hold a session of mesotherapy, do not do other cosmetic procedures.

after the procedure.

mezaterapii head after two days should refrain from washing the head.Refrain follows from bathing and swimming pool, as well as on physical activity.

After the procedure at the injection site can remain small bruises, which will disappear within seven days.

During the procedure, therapeutic drugs directly get into the hair follicle, which is why the result of mesotherapy is often more effective than the results from other procedures.

you can see some positive results after the first few treatments, although the full course can be 10 sessions.

Hair Treatment by this method has the pharmacological action of drugs and reflex effect on the active points is effective and gives a therapeutic effect, as begins to stimulate biological, immune, and hormonal reflex mechanisms.Due to effects of the drug hair growth bounces back, in addition, the structure of the hair and improves the appearance of hair.In parallel to normal sebum secretion and dandruff starts to fade.

Side effects and complications of mesotherapy are very rare, and if mesotherapy performed by experienced and highly qualified specialist in general may be missing.

mesotherapy Hair Treatment has a long-term effect, but only in the case of normalizing life and follow all recommendations of your doctor.

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