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Mode, nursing

For him this communication, protection, affection, and a huge range of pleasurable sensations.Even in his sleep he makes sucking movements, this suggests that food for him now - the main joy in life.That is why doctors give a value breastfeeding because sucking the breast is very important also for the psycho-emotional comfort and development.Feeling the heat, the smell of my mother's help babies to adapt to a new, unfamiliar world.The first ideas about life and about people baby receives from the environment in which it takes place feeding, on the person who feeds him.Quite a long time believed that infants should be taught from birth to strict daily routine and feed only at the appointed hours.It was believed that irregular meals leads to gastro-intestinal disorders and stimulates the development of such qualities as selfishness spoiled.However, supporters of a strict regime the opposition has always existed - moms who fed babies are not on the clock, and on-demand.This did not hurt kids often his "r

egime" brethren, were quite satisfied and happy.

In defense of newborn

One of the main requirements of a baby's - is the need for food.And, as an adult, every young man has his desires and opportunities.Stomach crumbs is very small, it is not yet in a position to immediately digest enough milk (enough for a long time from hunger).In addition to sucking the crumbs - it is hard work, and some kids were so tired that sleep, not having enough.Therefore break 4:00 for infants may be too large.It is convenient to eat small portions, but more often.The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends feeding your baby on demand.That is, pay attention to the signals sent by the child, and in time to put him to the breast.And no need to limit the feeding of any duration, or by the number, in accordance with the principles of "natural parenting" in the early days after the birth of crumbs mother's behavior should be based on instincts rather than the strictly regulated mode.


mother During the first days of life the baby can be applied to the chest often.After each feeding for him also an act of communication: it is the intensity of breastfeeding, then slowly sucking her half-asleep.Thus, natural crumb stimulates lactation.It is known that the number of mother's milk depends on the activity of the child.The more grudnichok sucks, the more milk is produced.So, and extended the period of lactation.Breastfeeding on demand is useful not only for the child but for the mother.It is noticed that nursing mothers are often almost never stagnant milk.In addition, due to a rapid stimulation of the breast and uterine contractions as a result of its complete recovery after childbirth.Besides intense sucking burns calories, and Mom rapidly losing recruited during pregnancy weight.So for mothers in feeding crumbs at the request of solid pros.

Why habit?

Of course, my mother is more convenient when the baby lives with her in the same rhythm.In this case, it practically does not have to adapt to the child.Mama owl comfortable feel if moves feeding at a later time, and my mother-lark is more convenient to feed early.Naturally, you can teach your baby to his mode of the day, the crumbs very quickly formed a conditioned reflex.However, in this case, the crumb will ask not eat because he is hungry, but only because he was so used.Doctors have found that this "optimization process" will inevitably lead to a change in the natural balance in the body grudnichka.The consequence could be a metabolic disorder, the occurrence of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.The kid grows up, and habit will stay with him.He will not be able to realistically assess their appetite and will "revenge" on the table everything indiscriminately, or fall into the other extreme - will select only "delicious."Experts of the European Association of Psychotherapists, studying the issue of breastfeeding, came to the conclusion that if a baby's feed strictly on the regime, then eventually it will start to lose your appetite and to avoid unwanted feeding will begin protest.His curiosity for life starts to disappear, and he formed the installation: "Life - it is a struggle."You can trust this statement or not, in any case, one thing is clear - to feed the crumb is only when he is really hungry.And this he "tells" you to himself, above all, to watch his reaction.Let the food is pleasure for the baby, not the regulated process.

Individual approach

How to be in this situation, is it possible to take into account the desires and mom and baby?Of course you can, but it should be done gradually.Every child needs different time to get used to a regular diet.In the first months of life pipsqueak will eat often.Kid should be applied to the chest 15-20 times a day.But do not worry, it does not mean that he will have to feed day and night.All feeding will vary in duration.For example, if the baby is thirsty, he pososet chest just 5 minutes.The so-called low-fat milk, and the front is excellent thirst quencher.If a pipsqueak hungry, then feeding can last for 2 hours.Do not worry that miss the moment when the infant has had enough.It will simply cease to suck and fall asleep.Also, do not be reinsured and rush to offer the second breast crumbs.The kid can receive less "late" milk, the most wholesome, rich in fat, and therefore does not feels full.In addition, full-sucking one breast support good bowel crumbs.Observe moderation in all things.

too early to switch to the mode if:

• the baby is passive and very quickly falls asleep during feeding;

• the baby is restless and often wakes up crying;

• maternal breast milk is not enough.

to regular eating crumbs are taught very carefully.If he sleeps longer than 4.5 hours, gently awaken and feed crumbs.However, if the baby wakes up very hard, their behavior expresses dissatisfaction wait.So he's not yet ready for your daily routine.

Almost adulthood

Many moms are worried: what if the baby is undernourished.There is a simple formula that will help you understand whether there is enough milk eats baby: baby has to gain in a month not less than 500 grams.If it is, then the baby is fed, healthy, and do not worry.Feed him when he asks: the little man as well as you feel hungry.Here is a circuit feeding a baby on demand: After 3 months, most children are already developing his regime.Mom becomes much easier to navigate and adjust to the rhythm of life remains.Even at this age, the child begins to show character: Energetic sanguine eat often, but a little bit (about every 2 hours), slow phlegmatic eat thoroughly, once a lot, but much less frequently (every 3-4 hours).Most children start to do this time of the night without feeding.And by 5-6 months interval between feedings increases up to 5 hours.Grudnichok very sensitive to any changes, whether it is a change of weather or mood changes mom, because of this, even well-established regime may lose.But if the mother is attentive to their child, the usual mode can be maintained.When the crumb is a little older, he will be completely missed 5-6 feedings per day.Besides eating it will have a lot of interesting and exciting activities.He will begin to actively explore the world, to communicate.To calm down, he would not necessarily have applied to the mother's breast, it is enough to hug her, and he will have to communicate with his father and other loved ones.Listen to your child and trust your instincts, he'll certainly not let you down.A baby will grow happy and healthy.

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