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The development of a child's speech at home

No one really does not tell you at what age should begin to engage razvatiem your child's speech at home, but all agree with what pediatricians - is that from the very birth need to start communicating with your baby, talk to him."Foundation" speech development is made up of the first contacts of parents with baby: gentle touch, gentle words and conversations parents smile and lullabies.Not being distracted from everyday household chores, talk with your child, tell him about the world, sing, ask - Engage him in conversation, even if the answer is crying or curious eyes.

Language development in the first six months of life

Within six months your baby begins to understand your speech.At this age, a new stage of communication between kids and parents - he is actively exploring the outside world, it listens and remembers her parents.The child can understand the spoken word, but, of course, is not ready to play it - this process is called the formation of a passive vocabulary.For the development of a ch

ild's speech in the home, at the age of six or seven months, it is very important to show the emotional component of speech - read poetry, tell stories, changing the tone of voice, tone and effect sounds.Do not forget to also begin to develop fine motor skills of hands, doing massage arms and legs every day.

development of a child's speech in 8-9 months

At this age the child is already actively begins to repeat the sounds he hears often, there are the first, "ma" - "pa".The child begins to respond briskly to the questions: "Who is your mother?Where's your daddy? ", Pointing to his parents, or his responsible care if his name is called.He is easy to find your favorite toy at the mention.At this age, it is important to support the development of a child's speech, repeating to him the small words or syllables, tell nursery rhymes and read poems.

development of speech as age

vocabulary for the first year of life may be about ten words.At the same time it is easy enough to repeat all the new words and sounds, although he did not own uses.Children formed "their language", which is understandable only to them, and sometimes parents.This usually occurs polutorogodovalom age.In this age is gradually switched on and drawing inks, crayons, modeling clay, Finger lacing and theater, which will begin to develop sensorimotor.But do not forget to talk with your child and read books together.

To develop sensomotriki offer kid's favorite toys sit in the auditorium and placing characters on each finger of the child, ask the kid-show presentation of a play in helping him to control the characters and voice acting.To the child began to develop their own thoughts, talking, pause in speech.

What will help develop interest and curiosity of your child?Lace!Also an excellent solution for the development of motor skills and eye estimation baby she helps to activate the child's language skills.

all good!And widely applicable.So, plasticine, pencils, markers and paints, develop fine motor skills, at the same time is a means for the development of the child's creativity.Help your child draw a circle, a triangle, a line, let it will coloring the characters in the book-raskrashke, sculpts from clay Bun, sausage and divides it into several parts.

Speech Development three-year child

At the age of three years, the child begins to actively use his speech.All toys that are necessary to collect, analyze: different constructors, cubes, mosaic and other prefabricated models - not only allow the child to develop his motor skills of fingers, but also more actively talking.Kid calls shown on the dice objects tells how tall the tower will be built it will tell about all the inhabitants erected the house and become a direct member of this house, assuming the role of a doting mother and a good doctor.In this role-playing games passive vocabulary of the child begins to turn into active.

It is very important to begin to communicate with your child from his first days - to sing his songs, read poetry, play with toys.And soon it will please you to the right and emotional speech.

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