Style evening dresses for full girls

To hide figure flaws, must be properly taken into account style dresses for full girls.And in order to be able to divert attention from those areas that have problems, you need to pay attention to the neckline and the decorative seams and reliefs and pockets.And do not worry so much about some flaws in obese girls, all can be masked and correct.Moreover, the women who do not have problems with the figure, a single number.

We try to pull the figure .Style evening attire, when it is selected for full girls implies a proper relationship proportion of the lower and upper parts.This is not only an evening dress, but the whole clothes full.In particular, if we choose a blouse and skirt for larger women should not choose them the same length.This ratio subconsciously pushes others to compare, what part of the body seems to be voluminous.It is better to choose as long as possible bottom, ie. E. The skirt, creating the illusion of a long dress.One option for the evening dress can become a style where fitting t

op - chest and hip, and low - flows smoothly into flared shape.There will be no more than the presence of any inserts, different in terms of geometric shapes, in the case of selection for the full dress.They can distract attention from the imperfections in the figure.

dresses for complete details .Do not choose a style of dress, where all its space is filled with some drawings, figures and so on. D. This ratio will create the illusion of space filled too.Style for full ladies should consist of a model that will evaluate and hide the imperfections of one of the parts of the body.E. If you want to reduce the hip, you need to watch this style for girls with magnificent volumes which filled the upper space of the body.The main characteristics for the full evening dress will be a deep cut, narrow silhouette and the desired length to toe.If one wants to choose a bright dress with a pattern, you can choose dresses for girls with equivalent distributed ornaments.

draw attention to the shoulders .In order to properly hide the lack of big shoulders, you need to consider neckline.Perfect V-shaped triangular neckline.And the cut-out dresses evening for women with big shoulders should be as broad as possible.Narrow-necked only aggravate the situation a problem with his shoulders.And to emphasize the figure, it is better to choose a style of dress, where it flared immediately after such a cutout where illusion stands waist.

Playing on contrasts .The design clothes for plump ladies well used the illusion of contrast, which faces the shapes, designs and sizes of dresses.Chubby lady that wants to hide his wide hips should not tighten too waist, especially a wide belt.Owners of large neck no need to choose a dress with a small neckline.The trick is to hide his magnificent volumes, can be a wide-brimmed hat.A good choice for the full evening dress can become black and slightly form-fitting dress, the length of which can be up to just above the knee.And for the effective output can even wear a hat with a black and white or the red fields.

strips in the form of Christmas trees .Such strips may be in the form of natural herringbone and inverted.Correct herringbone perfect possessor of wide hips.A complete girl, wishing, on the contrary, increase the size of the thighs, can help an inverted Christmas tree, but the length of the dress should not exceed the level of the knees.To complement on the strips, it is worth recalling the preference of vertical ones.

color dresses for full .The correct color contrast can help to hide imperfections figure full girl.Now it becomes relevant dress with vertical division zone in half.It concerns an asymmetric pattern of different shades.Such a division may be strictly for the entire length of the dress, and can only reach the hips or waist line, which then later the colors are reversed.Such dynamics can make the dress slimmer figure.For New Year's Eve, you can choose a black and white dress with a slightly thick cloth.As for the concrete choice of color, there is no strict limitations, most importantly, not to go beyond what is permitted.

game with a picture .An interesting solution in the selection of evening dresses for girls can be a bit fat dress with one sleeve in the form of a bat.The upper part of the dress can be monotonous, except to the fringe of the neck.Individual approach in the selection of dresses can be a style containing different sizes paintings, shape increases or decreases.Just pay attention to what part of the body is necessary to correct it.Large drawings largest volume increase, and smaller, respectively, on the contrary.

Illusion distraction .This distraction is psychological, directed towards paying attention to dignity.In order to divert the attention of the top of the dress attire of the heavy bottom of the figure, you can decorate your neck or just to focus on the decoration.You can also use fur collars and boas.To be able to hide flaws and highlight the advantages figures - are two different things.French technique allows to emphasize the fact that we would like to highlight.In most cases, breast isolated using trim or fabric colors.Hiding the shortcomings considered Russian reception.It is widely used illusory, where you can find unusual shapes hoses and other parts of clothing.For a seductive image, you can consider the option of cutting the dress at the waist with any wedges.

dresses for girls can be varied, but for the full of girls is a variety of special styles.You just need to find them and do not lose sight of.

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