In which country is the best shopping

So which countries the best shopping, and in which months of the year, you can catch the most favorable prices on fashionable clothes and accessories?This is what you can learn and make an optimal choice for a shopping tour, carefully read everything that is written below.We offer you a list of countries and the most successful street for shopping, which once housed the most famous boutiques, fashion houses.

Italy, Milan, Via Montenapoleone

This is one of the main streets of Milan, which runs past the quarters Mod.It does not only pompous and luxurious architecture of the Victorian era, but also a huge number of the most famous houses of haute couture boutiques.Here you can buy the most famous worldwide brands fesh.A huge showcase trendy shops just beckon fashionistas, giving them the opportunity to explore one hundred percent all the latest trends of modern fashion, even without going inside.Once there, you involuntarily plunge into the luxurious world of fashion and always remember your shopping,

as the most grandiose event in life.The great advantage of shopping in Milan (Italy) is that all the well-known brands are located on the same street and you do not have a chaotic chase through the city in search of, for example, a favorite boutique "Gucci."

Landmark: Via Montenapoleone is just a ten minute walk from the central square of Piazza della Scala.You can get there by subway on the third line to the station "Via Montenapoleone".

Currency: Euro

Discounts: from January to February, July and August.

United Kingdom, London, Bond Street

this old street in London's Mayfair, where the luxury boutiques and shops, fashionable women chosen in the middle of the 19th century.At that moment, the street has had the status of an aristocratic: it lived very real cream of society, who came from noble families, as well as politicians, artists, writers.All of them made exclusive orders in the studio that was located next door.Today, Bond Street - is the main street shopping district of the West End.She arranged, along with antique shops and showrooms for the sale of works of art and jewels, the most fashionable brand boutiques.That's why for any fashionista, being in London, you should definitely look there.

Reference: access to Bond Street, you can take a bus or subway.Remember, Bond Street consists of three parts - the most Bond Street, Old Bond Street and New Bond Street.And on each of these streets awaits the best shopping!

Currency: Pound sterling

Discounts: January-February, July and August.

France, Paris, Avenue Montaigne

connoisseurs of the fashion world believe that the best choice for shopping - this is Paris.After all, it is a kind of fashion industry in the country.In other words, where it does not worth to go to Paris for shopping accessories and clothes from Dior, Eeyore North-Laurent, Chanel, Pierre Cardin, Christian Lacroix?Avenue Montaigne - that is what is necessary for shopping.By the way, here you'll find the most exclusive items and goods that are sold exclusively in Paris.

Reference: can be reached by subway or bullet train.The benchmark is a KER Public Park, just a hundred meters away is the Avenue Montaigne.

Currency: Euro

Discounts: January-February, July and August.

Japan, Tokyo, Ginza

Ginza - is one of the most prestigious areas of Tokyo, which houses the largest Japanese corporations, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, clubs and boutiques of different brands.Ginza is the most luxurious shopping district in the world.Here you will win everything from high-tech, aristocratic luxury buildings in high-tech style, shimmering plasma screens to the colorful shop windows with mannequins are dressed in clothes from the latest collections from the world of fashion catwalks.Otherwise, say, shopping in Japan you certainly remember.

Reference: can be reached by subway.Only you should take into account that the Ginza as the quarter includes several streets, so it is worth considering the fact, initially you need to decide which of the fashionable streets you will have to expect the best shopping route.

Currency: Japanese yen.

Discounts: February, July and August.

USA, Los Angeles, Rodeo Drive

follow this street, you can feel like a true Hollywood star.This street is located in the most fashionable place in Los Angeles.Namely, in Beverly Hills, but still not far from the Hollywood.So that your shopping can be called a star.The trendy boutiques of Rodeo Drive focused dozens of boutiques in which to fashionistas presents the most famous brand of the brand.By the way, here it is located one of the most expensive boutiques around the world under the name of Bijar.It is possible to buy a pair of socks, from $ 50 or a suit of 15,000 "green".

Reference points: on any map of the city, looking at the area of ​​Beverly Hills, you can immediately notice the Rodeo Drive.You can also focus on the connections Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, and Dutrow.

Currency: US dollar.

Discounts: January-February, July and August.

United States, New York, Fifth Avenue

If you attracts and draws the atmosphere of luxury and glamor, then the street, located in the heart of Manhattan in New York City, this is what you need.She is the best in the country and is listed among the most famous streets in the world.All the windows are like a beckoning, showing sparkling collection of all the latest trends in the fashion world.In addition to a huge number of boutiques, here you can also find the world-famous department stores with the huge range of products: from underwear, ending the high-tech equipment for the home.By the way, a curious fact is that Fifth Avenue is home to-night sales.So here you can very well save!

Reference: Fifth Avenue is located in the area Midtovn, the constant point of all the routes of tourists to New York.The street is located between Madison Avenue and the Avenue of America, crossed Broadway and adjacent to Bryant Park.

Currency: US dollar.

Discounts: January-February, July and August.

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