Fashionable knitted dress

It crocheted dresses began to appear more frequently in women of fashion.After all, the dress can help out whenever planned something important, yes, or just need to go to work.A fancy dress can emphasize femininity and elegance.Knitted fashions were also very popular this summer, because they were made of thin threads.Along with this trend, and was invented by designers autumn-winter fashion knitted dresses.It combines a variety of styles, shapes, silhouettes and colors.

Color variety .Knitted fashion trends 2011-2012 provide an opportunity to choose among a large variety of different colors.Lovers of quiet shades given a huge choice, since it is such dress more relevant.Choose among black, gray, brown, dark blue and white colors is not difficult fashionista they can easily choose among them knitted dresses and trendy monochrome.And the ladies who prefer more vibrant colors, and will not remain without a large assortment.They easily can choose fashionable bright red dress, who can tell us about its p

ossessor, as a passionate nature.Yellow dress can improve the mood and colors of orange and lavender are able to create a unique image.

Knitted dresses with patterns are very popular and are preferred, they can add to the image of the girl meek and cute notes.Real hits among the variety of knitted things in the new season began Scandinavian motifs and Norwegian patterns.Especially among them stood out fashion knitwear with braids.

Select lines and shapes .Knitted dresses can be a variety of forms, among them are the dresses, wallets, dresses a-line, straight or vice versa dresses with fluffy skirts.The main thing to choose their lines, taking into account all its subtleties figures and to emphasize and hide them correctly.Fashionable things can all properly and accurately perform, given the fact that every lover will strictly follow the rules of their choice.

fashionistas will simply decide where she would be able to wear knitted dresses of various colors, they are appropriate and in the office, and at a meeting with friends, and at a party, and at the ceremony.Openwork knitted dresses will undoubtedly look perfect on a slender figure, giving it a more sexual.

very popular this winter knitted dresses resembling type sweater or tunic.This is understandable, because they include not only practical, but also comfortable winter things in the locker room at any fashionista.Especially because they will look spectacular in combination with multiple textures.

About the Dress - sweater .This fashionable thing will look great as an independent part of the wardrobe, and in combination with the usual jeans or trousers.Thus, you can create different images and daily outfits.According to stylists, better still for a set with skinny jeans, tight pants or tights to choose plain knitted dresses.For an extra touch, you can use a wide belt, which in turn is highly relevant in the 2011-2012 season.But there are dresses, sweaters that can be worn without a belt, although it is a matter of taste.It can be such dress, the shape of which resembles a barrel, assembled with rubber bottom.

On the length of crocheted dresses .The length of the dresses is selected individually depending on the height of the Ladies and its external structure of the figure.For not short and slender persons recommended to choose a very short - to mid-thigh, knitted dresses, more like a tunic.Most of the other girls can advise the average length - up to the knees.Although the maximum long knitted dresses can emphasize sophistication and elegance.

for evening dresses not need too long to make a new set, just take any available one-colored knit dress and choose the right accessories to it.It may be a beautiful clutch and heels, and some interesting decoration.Especially the ladies will stand out in a dress handmade, this in turn gives her some mystery owner.It's no wonder the designers have tried to please even the most capricious fashionistas.Among them are those dresses that have long flowing skirt.Knitwear strong lead among other outfits, they can even be found in the form of wedding dresses.

Variety decor .Designers prefer not to dwell only on the knitting and patterns, they also diluted with the current trend of fashionable knitted dresses fringed appliqué, fur trim.You can also pick them different width belts and even fashion long leather gloves.With the help of accessories such as jewelry, you can create a festive look.If your choice has fallen on the dress with fringe or fur trim, you can supplement it with a handbag or shoes with the same decor.

Undoubtedly knitted dresses, tasteful, can create the desired image is only slightly connect your imagination.Then, the idea to create an image undoubtedly will be felt.

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