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How to receive gifts from men

Plus is a manifestation of generosity helps the man to show himself mannered, courteous and very generous partner.But most of the ladies are wary of such "generosity" and for this reason we have decided to share how to receive gifts from men, without feeling any embarrassment or remorse.

What is a gift?

In fact, gifts equate to such exchange of the plan - you are me and I am you.The most sensible and correct, according to most ladies, is receiving gifts from the men during the festivities organized (birthday, March 8, and so on. N.).Such gifts are generally perceived calm and do not entail any unnecessary thoughts and prejudices.The presenter presents a gift, and the recipient, in turn, honors its all yummy with festive table and arrange the positive activities.In such a hectic often happens that the moment of gift giving goes unnoticed, we can say once commonplace.But no one here is mad and all expenses are satisfied.Just at that moment the ladies always take gifts from men and do not even think ab

out it.

Unexpected gifts

Anyone, a man and a woman, is always lost when he suddenly handed a particular gift.By the way, the more valuable and expensive gift, the stronger the feeling of loss.A woman in such a situation immediately begins to cheat yourself and mentally look at this act of forgery men.Typically, the address of the donor immediately fly phrase plan, "Oh, why are you spending, should not have done", "I can not accept such a gift," etc... But do not tell, and receive a gift is necessary.And so it turns out that the woman gets into a certain dependence on men, because now she owes him his reward.And the gentleman "freezes" in anticipation of retaliatory move by a woman.It is worth noting that there is no question of any material values, because man needs a favor and appreciation from women.Very well, if the woman is ready to bestow joy man its positive position to his person, but what if she was taken aback by what is happening and do not know how to do it then?At such a moment is skillfully respond to unexpected gift, not to fall into an ambiguous situation.

where you can select the most simple and effective way to help get out of this situation: in response to its own gift to make a return man.This is best done as soon as it was possible to get your gift.This simple but very effective way will certainly help a woman "is easy and safe" get out of the men's dependence and not feel uncomfortable while.

way, a return gift to pamper men of similar price or significance is not necessary.That gift can be a usual trinket, but donated from the heart, accompanied by warm words of love, understanding, friendship, support, and so on. D. If the man that gives the gift counts for more, and the woman sees it as just a friend, her wordsYou do not have to carry a no hint that these relationships can have a future.

Finally, to receive gifts from the stronger sex is always a reason.If you do not want to have anything to do with this or that man, the best gift to give from.And if the donor is a close friend or loved one, do not accept the gift you hurt him, getting his "legitimate", do not forget from the heart to show him my gratitude, even if the response is not present, and the words!

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