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Traditional methods for burning belly fat

Traditional ways of burning fat in the abdomen

used traditional methods to increase the tone of the skin in the abdomen and quickly to reduce weight.On the elasticity of the skin effect is hard enough as it is the very nature of mortgaged.But abdominal skin can be made more elastic by special masks prepared at home.Main - consisting of honey should be present.Honey enriches our skin various mineral compounds and stimulates metabolism.Masks with honey create a warming effect that will impact positively toned skin.

In order to burn fat on your stomach, be sure to give up alcohol, juice, with sugar, soft drinks.Well it helps burn fat green tea.Drinking water is also needed, weak coffee without cream, sugar and milk.

perfect for burning fat broths, which helps to suppress appetite.Decoction of flaxseed, algae Spirulina, marshmallow root.Also for burning belly fat for a long time use decoctions of leaves of bilberry, burdock, horsetail, bear ears.But take them a long time is not recommended, so as not

to disrupt the body's fluid and electrolyte balance.

Take half a kilo of plums and pour 2.5 liters of water, bring to a boil.After another 20 minutes of boil over low heat.Do the same with the grass buckthorn (100 gr.), Filled a liter of water.Stir in broth, both at night and take half a glass.This mixture causes a laxative effect, while the cleaned intestines and stomach are gradually removed.

effective for burning fat in the abdomen following recipe.Take 200 grams.raisins, dried apricots, walnuts and scroll through a meat grinder.Add to the mixture 50 c.grass "hay" (available at pharmacies), and 100 grams.honey.Eat before going to bed (at night), a tablespoon.This mixture is take a week, then two weeks break.This mixture was stored in a cold place.

Take 2 parts: the leaves of bean trefoil, peppermint;and 1 part: hop cones, valerian root.This mixture pour 400 grams.of boiling water.Insist half an hour, wrapped a towel.Drink in the morning and at night for half a glass.

Connect these ingredients: 2 tablespoons: celery (root), the pods of common bean.Hop cones - 1.5 tablespoon and a teaspoon of wild parsnip fruit.Three tablespoons of the resulting collection pour 0.8 liters of boiling water.Take 30 ml 5-6 times a day.Very effective the tool for burning fat.

also by fat in the abdomen helps to get rid of such a remedy.In a glass of cucumber brine, add a tablespoon of vinegar (apple) and take half a cup three times a day.

Other popular ways to burn fat on the abdomen

doing the following steps on a daily basis and you will notice how "out" your stomach.Make the coffee scrub (gel with coarsely ground coffee).Apply to the abdomen and slightly clockwise massage it.Rinse with warm water.After puncture abdominal massage coated with cream or gel with the addition of antitsilyulitnym mummy.The gel helps burn fat and removes mummies stretching.Shilajit is poorly soluble, so the mixture should be done beforehand.If you can not stand the smell of mummy, you can add a little essential oil.

Apart from all this is necessary for burning fat to consume foods that are low-calorie.Perfect for getting rid of fat from the abdominal massage helps hoop that need to turn at least 20 minutes a day.Do not forget the special exercises for the press.

to fight fat in the abdomen should include fasting days, and with the help of yogurt or apples.These days, the metabolism is activated and toxins from the body go.In those days, in addition to yogurt and apples should drink about 1.5 liters of mineral water (non-carbonated).This is a pretty effective way to spend fasting days but should be at least once a week.