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Rules of conduct of the flu


During flu there are several sources of intoxication.Firstly, it is actually viruses that disintegrate and circulate in the blood, and secondly, that the colon.With flu, as with any other disease, which provokes the deterioration of human health, significantly increases the permeability of the intestinal barrier, and as a result, the blood is absorbed more of intestinal toxins, and they are even more capable to worsen the condition of the patient.

The flu should drink plenty of fluids, around about two liters.Keep in mind that it should not be annoying and hot.Best of all, it was acidified to a lemon.


Usually during flu body temperature rises.The most extensive damage it causes to the brain, because it was imperative to make the outflow of heat from the head.Most often used rubdown with a damp towel, and strip packs directly on the head.In the case where the patient feels cold, warm water sponging is performed, if the patient warm and cool can be used.The legs and ha

nds of the patient must always be warm.If they are frozen, you need to warm them with the help of heating pads, warm hands or rubbing.This must be done in order to enhance blood flow and increase the heat.This makes it possible to achieve reduction in temperature of 1 degree.Along with this you can make a wet compress for the forehead.We must be careful not to supercool the head, it is not recommended to apply ice to the skin, it is important that patients can safely tolerate the cold.This will make it more comfortable condition and help you sleep.

There are cases when the temperature does not increase in the period of the disease.However, this is not quite good, because it means that the body can not fight disease by means of temperature increase.To better keep warm, well suited hot tea with lemon and honey or boiled milk with honey and butter.Drink this beverage should be about 200 ml.

second stage of purification

further recommended to drink in small portions sweated tea (best suited linden, raspberry or elderberry tea and flowers).It is recommended to take two sips every 10-15 minutes.The tea should be warm and in any case not hot.That he did not have time to cool down, it can be kept in a water bath or in a thermos.When the patient starts to sweat, it should be covered as much as possible.This process can take about 3-4 hours.If the patient feels weak or hungry, you need to add a little honey in tea, or at least drink some mineral water (alkaline).


very important during flu adhere to strict bed rest and a lot of sleep because unhealthy body especially needs a rest.In the first place in order to minimize the load of the heart, which has to work too intensively in this disease.Also, due to sleep decreases blood flow to the brain, thus protecting it from the effects of toxins.When no longer show signs of intoxication, the temperature returns to normal and feel hungry, do not eat much.A few days is better to eat raw vegetables or fruits and drink fruit juice.


This step is also very important.The goal is not just to cure the disease, but also to maintain health as possible.

If properly comply with these recommendations, you can recover in 4-5 days.At the end of these days, the patient need to take a shower.