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Acupressure head

on a person's head has a lot of different massage points.In accordance with the ancient Chinese scientists, each of them is connected with any organ of our body and the right impact on these points could restore the natural balance in the body.In particular, it can be seen almost immediately, began to engage in this type of massage - you forget about what is anxiety and stress.


According to ancient Chinese medicine, our body penetrate the so-called channels through which energy flows to feed us - Qi.Each channel in some places where it comes close to the skin, is something like a valve, by which controls the amount of current and energy in the body.And, according to the adherents of this medicine, all of our diseases come from the fact that these valves may be clogged or, conversely, lack of Qi energy, creating uneven distribution of her body.And with the help of acupuncture, or, in our case, the massage, the points are cleaned and normal movement of renewable energy, thus eliminating t

he disease, and removing pain.

Here are some of the most useful points that can influence even slabopodgotovlenny people.

point bladder 3

Channel bladder originates around the eyes, goes around the head, down the back and ends in the leg.It has several points, the first of which can be felt in the area of ​​the scalp.Massaging this point, you can remove dizziness, stress, headache.It also helps with colds and nasal congestion.It is situated just above the inner eyebrow point, about a centimeter and a half.

point Bladder 9

second point of the channel is located approximately in the center of the protrusion neck.To find it, turn away from the midline of the head and a half to two centimeters to the left or to the right and slide your finger up on the top edge of the occipital ridge.Work with this point is recommended for headache, pain in the cervical spine and head cold.

point Bladder 10

third point is at the junction of the scalp and cervical, almost entirely in the trapezius muscle.Find it simply, it is very much stands out, which makes it quite convenient.To do this, go down with your finger from the occiput to the scalp line and took a half to two centimeters to the left or right.With light pressure on the point, you can remove the pain in the head, neck, back flexibility, and a little help yourself for dizziness and blurred vision.

point DN 20

Du Meridian is located along the middle of the body and connects the energy activity of the brain and heart.It has a set of points at which exposure can facilitate various nervous disorders, headaches and heart pain.The point of this channel, which is easier to work on the whole, can be found as follows - draw an imaginary line from the top of the head to the means of the ears.Massage this point will be useful to those people who suffer from headaches, chronic fatigue, dizziness.

Channel Gallbladder

To address the valves that channel is recommended in case of stress, nervous tension, headaches, and others. Most of the points of this channel, suitable for massage, located around the ears.The first of them, point 8 is located approximately two centimeters above the tip of the ear.Point 9, you can find the same level, but a little closer to the head.Just three points massage can be found as follows: feel for a place near the mastoid process of the temporal bone - this is the point 12. Next to it are the point 10 and 11, to find them - Keep your finger from point 12 to point 9 on a line parallel to the fold line shellear.Massaging points need careful circular stroking movements as long as there is no noticeable improvement in your condition.

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