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How to extend women's health

How to extend women's health

protect the face from the sun

The surest way to avoid the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging, will protect the skin from sun exposure.This works.Do not waste your money on an expensive cream that supposedly eliminates wrinkles, better buy a cream with filters, it will allow your skin to stay young.Use creams that protect against UVB and UVA-rays to them SPF index was not less than 15. If you have summer was pasmuronoe or you live in colder latitudes, do not think that the sun is not your problem.Everywhere the same effect of the sun and ultraviolet rays harmful to the skin, like a sunny and cloudy day.

Protect your eyes from sunlight

If you squint your eyes in bright light leads to a deepening of the existing and the formation of new wrinkles.Wearing a quality score will help prevent cataracts.

not smoke

Of course, we can recognize that smoking is one enemy of youth.It leads to a sallow complexion and his excessive dryness, the formation of de

ep wrinkles.Besides smoking suppresses resiliency of skin cells, slows wound healing.And if all this were not enough to stop smoking, you should be aware that due to smoking hair turns gray and falls out prematurely.

Eat right

balanced diet will significantly improve the appearance and condition of your health.The most useful is a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, nuts, grains, fish, fruits, vegetables.Avoid large consumption of simple carbohydrates and sugars, which cause fluctuations in insulin levels, and cholesterol causes blockage of blood vessels.In sufficient quantities to use water, the best way to moisturize the skin, moisten it is not from outside but from within.Reducing caloric intake leads to an increase in life expectancy.

Avoid fluctuations of weight

That weight gain, weight loss that leads to sagging and stretching of the skin.

treat skin

This care includes nutrition, hydration, exfoliation, cleaning, if necessary, special care (eliminating acne, whitening, and so on).Use cosmetics that are designed for your skin type.Carefully apply make-up and clean skin.Do not scrape or rub the skin, it leads to excessive stretching and the formation of wrinkles, and the skin loses its elasticity.Skin Eyes need gentle care.If skin is oily, does not require food and moisture, the need to use eye cream.Visually reduce fine lines around the eyes can eye cream with retinol or other derivatives of vitamin A, as a retinyl palmitate, retinyl linoleate.Such materials instantly affect the skin around the eyes, soften the "bird's foot", tighten the skin.At constant application update skin cells, stimulate the production of skin collagen.

Do not skimp on sleep

for beauty, health and mental activity requires adequate sleep.Just during sleep skin is able to regenerate the maximum.When we sleep, the skin there are different biological processes, which eliminate the damage caused by a bad environment, overwork, stress, wind, sun.To avoid the formation of wrinkles, warehouses and squeezing the skin, try to sleep on your back.

avoid stress

Stress has a bad effect on all systems of vital activity.Unlikely to completely avoid stress in modern life.To help relieve stress hobbies - a hobby, enough rest, relaxation exercises, breathing exercises, yoga.

Follow these tips and you will be able to prolong their youth.

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