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The essential oil of bay leaves

miraculous oil

But most of this plant extract essential oil.Essential oil of laurel is not only an antibiotic.It protects against viruses and bacteria, relieves inflammation.The essential oil of laurel contains a huge amount of nutrients that are beneficial effect on the body.The oil is used for aromatherapy, which can be easily carried out at home.In order to essential oil has started to operate, you just need to drop an aromatic censer three or four drops.If you inhale the oil at least a couple times a week, it will be all of insomnia, depression, it will be easier to operate, improve your mood, you will feel always cheerful and happy.In addition, essential oils perfectly cleanses the air in the room, so if the house there is oil, you are not afraid of disease.

This oil can protect against disease not only at home but also abroad.To do this, you must buy a medallion that hung around his neck, with one or two drops of oil inside.Thus, you will inhale its aroma and no bacteria will not stick to you


Also, to improve joint function and circulation, the essential oil can be rubbed into the skin.If you hurt yourself or stretched muscle rub damage place oil.In a few minutes you will realize that the pain goes away.

Cooking oil

own way, it is worth noting that the essential oil does not necessarily need to buy in the store.You can make your own oil, so that it was always at your fingertips.For this you need the thirty grams of laurel to be a good grind and a glass of olive or sunflower oil.Bay leaf oil and pour it is left for a week in the dark.Now, if you're cold, you started bronchitis or pneumonia, take one tablespoon of laurel oil twice a day after meals.Treatment of oil lasts eight to ten days.Also, the oil will be the perfect companion for rheumatism, arthritis or osteochondrosis.

laurel oil is a miraculous helper in all nervous disorders and insomnia.It will always be able to save you from sleepless nights if you spend aromatherapy before bed.More oil can be for your child is almost nanny.If you drop a few drops of oil into the bay medallion and leave it near the crib, your baby will fall asleep quickly strong and healthy sleep.

Spa oil

When you come home from work tired, you will be aromatic baths with essential oil of bay leaf.Will drop a few drops, and ten minutes later you feel like your body is filled with vigor and energy thanks to oil.Furthermore, such a bath will be preventative during the flu epidemic and protect you from a variety of viruses.

bay oil can be blended with citrus or almond oil.Such oil "cocktail" is used for the aromatic medicinal baths for colds and flu.If you take these baths during the week, you will not only recover, but also protect yourself from many diseases transmitted by airborne droplets.

essential oil of laurel leaves should be in every home, because it can save you from many diseases, strengthen the nervous system and boost immunity.Oil - it's really a miracle cure, almost a panacea for many diseases, disorders, and bad mood.A couple drops of oil a day and your health, along with the mood becomes much better, stronger and more positive.

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