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Useful properties of peppermint

For most people, "peppermint" primarily associated with freshness and a pleasant chill, but we forget in vain that the beneficial properties of peppermint are used in folk medicine, and just in everyday life.

Peppermint improves the activity of the brain, eliminating the "blues."Mint is used mostly in the form of decoctions and infusions.

It is worth noting that "mint" in chewing gum is far from natural vegetable product.There is nothing better than natural peppermint not.Natural mint contains a number of nutrients: ascorbic acid (vitamin C), essential oil, carotene, tannins.

Where to take this herb?For example, you can plant mint in a pot as a home decorative plants.To enjoy mint tea, you will only tear the plant no more than two or three leaves.Mint can be planted in the country - is one of the hardy, requiring no special care of plants.Finally, you can just buy peppermint in pharmacies and used in place of tea or mixed with tea.And for the lazy there is an option even easier - to buy ready-made ba

gs with mint.

Healing properties of peppermint

  1. Mint is used in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.She is an excellent analgesic, relieves inflammation, is a cholagogue.The cooking process is very simple: 2 tablespoons of fresh or dry mint pour 500 ml of boiling water and let it brew.The resulting broth or peppermint tea to take on a third cup three or four times a day.By the broth, you can add a little honey.This tool will not only help in case of problems with the digestive system, but also with pain in the liver.
  2. Mint can be used as a means to reduce the plant heat.
  3. Doctors recommend tea with mint in depressive states, sleep disorders, as well as heart palpitations.
  4. Peppermint - an effective tool for the prevention of cataracts.
  5. Mint is used as an anesthetic and insect bites and rheumatism as peppermint compress on the joint.
  6. the treatment of burns is considered a very effective means of olive oil or sea buckthorn oil with the addition of mint.
  7. Inhalation of vapors peppermint relieves motion sickness in cars and air transport (which is why mints are recommended to have with you when flying on an airplane).

Useful properties of peppermint oil

essential oil of peppermint contains menthol - a local anesthetic.In addition, oil has disinfectant and diaphoretic effect, helps relieve stress, increase the human immunity and resistance to harmful influences .2-3 drops of essential oil added to a teaspoon of honey, and then mixed with tea.For topically applying 5 drops of oil were dissolved in 10-15 ml of vegetable oil.With this tool for colds rubbing his chest.


Peppermint as a medicinal plant, has no contraindications.But do not forget that after all mint tea for children up to 3 years is contraindicated.In addition, mint is called female plants and some believe that mint can reduce male libido.

noted beneficial effects of peppermint to female hormones.

been observed beneficial properties of mint, and in the treatment of hirsutism, t. E. Abnormal hair distribution.

Thus, mint, useful properties which we have considered, can benefit many and in many ways.

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