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Traditional methods of treatment of corns

Calluses are formed due to various reasons.On the feet of their appearance often caused by uncomfortable or improper footwear that causes leg discomfort.Calluses on the fingers or palms appear as a result of physical work.Chapped plot of corn presses on the nerve endings present in the human skin.This pressure and causes pain.Especially troublesome calluses, ingrown with deep "roots".

At the pharmacy you can find a variety of drugs to combat this scourge.We propose to consider the traditional methods of treatment of corns.

very effective in the fight against calluses soap-soda baths.Total 8-10 procedures will save you from them.Prepare baths following method.The basin is filled with 1 liter of warm water (about 36-40 ° C).The water dissolves 1 teaspoon of baking soda.Lathered his feet immersed in water and keep them there for about 15 minutes then roughened skin rub a pumice stone or a special brush.Rinsed feet with warm water, wipe dry with a towel and lubricate any nutritious cream.

soap-soda baths can be done differently.At the 3 liters of water, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda and camomile tea (ratio of 10: 1).Rough patch of skin first rub a pumice stone, and then take a bath.1 week is enough to make them for half an hour, and the corn will relieve you of their presence.

Another way is to apply compresses.Take 3 cloves garlic medium in size and fill them with 3-4 glasses of wine vinegar.Infused obtain a mixture of 2 weeks.Then moisten a piece of cotton cloth with cold garlic vinegar.Excess liquid squeeze.The impregnated shred the fabric is applied to the affected area (by the way, are disposed of in such a way not only of calluses, and warts).Compress tied and left overnight.In the morning make a new compress.

Handles breeding corns and warts ordinary youthful and wild garlic.You can squeeze the juice out of it, or grind to a pulp.To remove warts simply lubricate them three times a day.A corn must first steam in the water with the addition of soda.And only then is applied to corn gauze soaked garlic juice.The procedure is more convenient to bedtime.Duration of treatment - 2 weeks.

Grind and can be baked a couple heads of garlic.Add to it approximately the same amount of butter and mix.Corn pre rasparte and imposes on it a garlic cream.Cover with a clean sheet of the plantain (or burdock) and the bandage, but not tight.Fold change 2-3 times a day.Corn will be held in a few days.

If you are lazy, you will accept the following popular treatments.Take natural propolis and apply it to the corn.Band-Aid fixes.A few days later corn passes.If you want to speed up the healing process, then gently scrape the top layer with corn, which softened propolis.

absorbable horny skin on the legs and salted cold baths.In 1 liter of cold water, add 1 tablespoon salt.Always lower the tray in both feet, even if the second does not hurt.This bath relieves pain, relieves burning, softens the skin.Legs should be kept in water of 10 to 25 minutes.After the bath do not need to wipe their feet, and it is better to walk around the ground or on hot stones for 10-15 minutes.If you do not live in a private home, you can fill the gravel special box.A procedure to perform in the morning.These baths are usually taken until full recovery.They are not only struggling with horny areas, but also relieve fatigue, help to strengthen the internal organs (especially bronchial and heart).

Another worst enemy of all corns - onion peel.Folded into the jar is filled husks vinegar.The Bank closed the paper for packs and 2 weeks is at room temperature.Then goes husks.After the vinegar drain, it slightly dried.At night on the sore spot impose a compress.On corn onion peel is applied in 2-3 mm layer.The skin around the corn pre-lubricated with petroleum jelly or fat cream.In the morning remove the bandage and hassle scraped corn.

Corns can be cleaned with sliced ​​tomatoes or tomato paste.It is not difficult, and the result will not keep itself waiting.

Traditional methods to combat calluses have in their arsenal, and the mildest remedy for them - this is a poultice of calendula.Their flower baskets contain carotene (provitamin A) which is responsible for the softness.Calendula flowers pour a small amount of hot water and knead into mush.Until the mixture is warm, it smeared on a piece of cloth and apply to corn.Then the flap is wrapped a woolen scarf.A notable softening calluses observed for 10-12 sessions.

Corns removed juice or ointment from the mixture celandine and lard in a ratio of 1: 1.

After steaming to the foot attached lemon peel with pulp.After 2-3 days of corn can be easily removed.

The warm water is diluted quite a bit of manganese and salt.In 15-20 minutes dip her feet into, then you do not wipe them.Tray relieves pain caused by calluses.

good popular treatment for corns is the following recipe.The breadcrumbs pour a little vinegar and carefully kneaded.Applied before bedtime directly to corn and securely fix the plaster.Do not be put off by a sharp pain that occurred a few hours later.This means that in essence has penetrated tissue.It provokes the swelling and redness of the skin build-up around the corn.Dead skin area will soon depart along with corn.In the morning, remove the crumb and good rinse skin.A week later, traces of corn will not.

Purified onion cut in half, put in a glass, pour vinegar.Puts on a warm day.Bow pull.Applied to corn on the leaflets twice a day, tying a rag.

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