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Blueberries in the human diet

Blueberry - berry dark, therefore, contains a large number of substances with onkoprotektornyh properties, thereby preventing the breach in the tissue of living organisms at the cellular level.Phenols and anthocyanins contained in blueberries, help to slow the aging process at the cellular level and prevent the formation of tumors.Therefore, in the diet of Europeans blueberry it is the richest source of antioxidants.

Many people know that blueberries beneficial effect on the preservation of visual acuity and memory.Substances contained in blueberries can enhance visual acuity, retinal accelerate the upgrade, strengthen the walls of blood vessels at the back of the eye and reduce eye strain and fatigue due to long work in artificial light.No wonder modern pharmacology and rich in an assortment of nutraceutical products based on berries, blueberries.One of these drugs can be identified dietary supplement "Blueberry-Forte (Bilberry-Forte), well proven in the treatment of eye diseases.

Note that the regular consumption of blueberries in food, helps to improve and strengthen memory.In addition, the valuable substance of the berries have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Blueberries beneficial effect on the digestive system.With it possible to solve problems of diarrhea and, simultaneously, constipation.It must be remembered that the dried berries are fixing and fresh, on the contrary, poslablyayusche.Blueberry juice has excellent antibacterial properties, adversely affecting the germs of typhoid and dysentery.These beneficial properties of blueberries should take note of the parents in the treatment of their children.

for diabetics blueberries appears faithful friend and helper.According to its properties, it can not only reduce blood sugar levels, but also to stimulate the pancreas.

Blueberries also have a beneficial effect on the brain.It helps to preserve youth and protects the brain from the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Ingredients blueberries

consider in more detail the composition of the berries:

  • essential organic acids (citric acid, oxalic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, succinic acid, and quinine);
  • minerals (salt of iron, copper, sulfur, potassium, manganese, zinc, chromium and phosphorus);
  • vitamins (carotene (vitamin A), vitamin C, B vitamins and vitamin PP);
  • tannins;
  • alcohols;
  • essential oil.

As you can see, the composition speaks for itself, no comment.

Blueberries - "Russian berry»

Blueberries - the favorite of the Russian people.Siberian shamans and healers of all time to heal with the help of the berries.

most common blueberries in the European part of Russia, Siberia and Karelia.It grows in the forests of the Western Ukraine.It prefers moist and berry bog coniferous-deciduous forests.

blueberry flowering period - May-June, and in July and August, you can collect "harvest".

Housekeeping tip

I think every woman should know about the beneficial properties of blueberries in the human diet.It is important not to forget to do in the summer useful winter harvesting.

berries can be dry, but you can make blueberry jam.However, remember that heat treatment contributes to the loss of the nutrients.Very tasty blueberries, peretёrtaya with sugar 1: 1.If such a grind Chernichko using a blender, then all the sugar has dissolved.Fill the "jam" in sterilized jars, screw and put in the refrigerator - winter harvesting ready!Well, and the freezer at your service!Fresh blueberries can be frozen and to use "straight from the tin" in the winter.

not defeat leaves of blueberries, they are also a lot of useful properties.No wonder the northern nations drink tea from the leaves and berries blueberries for coughs, colds and headaches.I think they are worth to take an example, because the best medicine we gave Mother Nature.The main thing is to appreciate and gratefully used.Be healthy!