Walking and healthy lifestyle

see the target

Tested and reliably.In this case, the Council for the specific purpose.If you see the front end of the route, the motivation will be stronger.But in general, it works in both the literal and figurative sense: the goal can be "won that beautiful church," and maybe - "minus three pounds by the end of the month."

Decide intentions

It's not quite the same as the target.Your intention may be, for example, to acquire the habit to control your breathing rhythm, and perhaps - to get rid of psychological stress in the process of walking, negative dumping on the road.


The benefits of walking barefoot know everything.The city, of course, is not an option.But try to find such an opportunity, once outside the city.Walk barefoot in the grass or sand is not only "promassiruet" strengthen the foot and ankle joints, but, imagine will promote calorie burning.

change speed

Try a little complicate the task of passing the route "intervals."Simply put, alternate: slow down - quick

ly.You can pinpoint the time, increasing the speed, for example, for a moment, and then for 3 minutes to go on a calm step.And it is possible for a change, consider lampposts (if any): every 4 post - acceleration.Do not forget to follow the breath.

Take a simulator

Of course, we are talking about expanders.Carry it with you in the way, say, every 10-15 minutes, stop and do some simple stretching exercises or power.

Monitor your heart rate

heart rate range that is optimal for your age, is calculated as follows: the upper limit of the pulse = 220 -Age - 50, the lower limit of heart rate = 220 - age - 55. For example, 220 - 30 = 190190 - 50 = 140.190 - 55 = 135. That is 135-140 beats per minute - pulse rate range, best while walking at the age of 30 years.

Personal slides

choose a route on which there are ups and downs, you will not only be sure of the uniform intensity of your walk.You can expect to load, in which case there is no need to pinpoint the time intervals for the acceleration and deceleration rate of walking or considered lampposts.You just will know that the load increases on the rise, but on the way down it's time to catch my breath.

Connect the other muscles

Walking will be even more effective if about 15 minutes before you "warm up" the abdominal muscles - they are actively involved in the process.

Rate diversity

As is clear, walking can be different - fast, slow, with the change of rhythm, with the simulator, uphill, downhill.Try it for a week not be repeated.For example, like this: Day 1: The long walk in a steady uniform pace.

Yoga helps prepare

Simple exercises of yoga help system "warm up" for the walk back muscles.Suitable posture that will support all the necessary muscle groups: Pose Bonn I, Pose Warrior II, Triangle.

Walk "at full pace»

Try walking pay attention to the foot have been involved in its entirety.Professional "walkers" recommend imagine that your foot - a ball that rolls along the ground from heel to toe.

With the breeze

Do not give up a walk in the windy days.Knowledgeable people say that, overcoming wind resistance (or turning away from it), the person receives an additional load (small) and better ensures the coordination of movements.

If another came in the way ...

... That journey will take more interesting, take extra pleasure from intercourse.And if the companion moves a little faster, you will have inadvertently accelerated to walk side by side, not behind.And while a good try to count your breath, so as not to interrupt the conversation.A simple benchmark: while walking you should be able to maintain a full conversation without gasping for 30-45 minutes.

Select mantra

Find a word or phrase that will help you establish a rhythm of movement.It does not matter, you will repeat a Sanskrit favorite of namah shivaya, read or just sentence, "and do and do."Do not hesitate to whisper it quietly.

Include feelings

If you are tired or depressed mood, very good help ... Observation!The first 5-10 minutes, until the "catch" the rhythm of breathing, and listen, for example, to his leg.As she touches the ground, which turns the sound of what she feels.And as the blood circulates in the go-ahead in the hand?What smells surround you at this particular moment?What colors do you see?


Once you have done all the way, ended up walking, it is advisable to do some exercise.Options are very simple - suitable basic asanas of yoga: Mountain Pose and Pose Dog muzzle down.They will allow the muscles to relax, introduce them to normal, "everyday" driving modes.

What we put into

Of course, neither of which the efficiency of walk does not make sense to speak at the wrong diet!Watch your diet, do not hit the road immediately after a meal (within half an hour - no less).And do not forget to drink.A simple non-carbonated water you need to drink about 10 minutes before the walk, every 20 minutes during and immediately after the walk.