The exercises of yoga to raise the tone and mood

Beauty comes from within

Even a very attractive man does not look so cute when you're angry, irritated or tense.Yoga teaches us to relax, it helps to solve everyday problems and points the way to an understanding of ourselves.In the process of self-knowledge, we become more flexible and leaner - every new movement gives easier, spine aligned, resulting in the skin gets better food looks fresh and velvety as if lit from within.The body begins to radiate beauty.

Out of consciousness

We were born with a pure mind and light soul, without prejudices and nerve experiences.As growing up, we had to overcome stressful situations and to acquire bad habits - and that was reflected in our body.Under the burden of these problems, shoulders hunched, the spine into an unnatural position, the brain is constantly overloaded with problems, which is why it is very difficult to relax.Practicing yoga poses, we are pushing ourselves to find harmony, some kind of balance between movement and stillness.This helps us b

etter understand their desire to understand in relation to the world and make the right decision.People usually come to yoga with certain expectations about what they can achieve, constantly practicing asanas.It is ridiculous to say, but many belong to handstand as something childish.Maybe they used to do things like 20, 30 40 years, but probably never thought it would have to do it again.In some cases, factors such as, for example, an increase can be considered a contraindication to such postures.And sometimes all the same height, alas, can lead to some kind of physical injury when performing asanas.But thanks to strong and sustained training even tall people can eventually perform a handstand.Thus yoga destroys our beliefs and ideas about their own shortcomings and limitations.We begin to understand that the boundaries of our capabilities are much broader than we thought and feel the joy of this transformation as if born again.It's like enjoying a view of how a pet dog learn to perform new commands.That is why asana is such a huge and multi-purpose psychological value.In the physical sense, the daily stimulation of the endocrine system allows you to maintain a balanced hormone levels.Muscles eventually acquire tone tightened.A psychotherapeutic effect of yoga to those who practice it regularly, reflected in everyday life.Followers of yoga mentioned that they are able to expand the limits of their capabilities.

breath of

It is important to preserve their identity and understanding of self.This is something that supports and protects us throughout life.And the shape of the body - only a map of what we represent.The result of our deliberateness, deliberation, continuous subconscious self, which is reflected on the body - nerves, circulatory system, organs, bones, tendons and muscles.The main obstacle to the freedom and satisfaction lies in the neglect of the integrity of our mind and body.Breath control (in Sanskrit - Pranayama) - one of the main features of yoga.By controlling the breath, exhale, we control our mind.This is the tool that we use when working with prana (in Indian philosophy - a special kind of vitality).Wherever we were, in any condition is life, and there is prana."Pra" in Sanskrit means movement, and "on" - a permanent change.Prahnah - it is electricity that is present in nature in all its forms random and unforeseeable.Lightning flashes here and there, and we can never predict with accuracy where it pierced the sky the next time.But if we conclude electricity wires, its motion will be predictable - and only then will be able to manage it.Wire - this is the means by which we transmit electricity from point A to point B, and we can use this energy, for example, for lighting homes and streets.We live as conduits through which flows the prana, but the fact that these wires can be twisted, damaged or broken.Yoga practice allows us to regain our vitality wires and allows that energy to flow freely again for the body.

We - what we eat

Appearance figure also depends on the food we consume.And one of the key factors influencing this - diet.I'm not going to tell you about vegetarianism and how we should eat, but would like to share some of my findings, especially those related to healthy drinks.Every week I go to the store and buy greens, cucumber, radish and nettles.All products are mixed in a blender and drink, and even if it is not the most appetizing drink, I feel like he fills me with energy, makes you stronger and stronger.Green smoothies from herbs, wheat germ and vegetables are also very beneficial to the body because they contain a lot of easily digestible vitamins, minerals and amino acids.The word "Surya" means "sun", "namaskar" - "greeting."This practice is popular in yoga.It is like a preparation for spiritual awakening and expanding consciousness.The ideal time for the classes - sunrise.

Tadasana (mountain pose)

Stand with your feet together, big toes and heels touching each other.Make sure that the weight was distributed evenly throughout the foot.Do not strain your toes, pull them out and keep relaxed (this is their situation is characteristic of all the standing poses) Ankle keep in line with each other, knee strain.The thighs and buttocks squeeze, flatten the chest, stomach tighten.Neck pull, with the head facing forward.Keep your hands along the body, pulling down, palms facing the thighs and are with them on the same line.The shoulders are not raised.Stand as 20 or 30 seconds and breathe normally.Tadasana is very important, since most asanas begins and ends with this posture.

Uttanasana (posture of intense stretching)

On the exhale, bend forward, putting his hands on the floor parallel to the soles of the feet (toes hands and feet at the same level), who did not reach the floor, it may take up the shin.Then, try to touch your head knees.Remain in this position 1 to 2 minutes, depending on the preparation.On the inhale, relax, and slowly return to starting position, arms hanging down at the same time.Take a full breath.

Urdhva svanasana mukha (the pose of a dog with his head raised up)

Lie on your stomach, place the palm of your hand at chest level.The feet are on the floor at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other.On the exhale, squeeze, tear the body off the floor and straighten your arms.Twisting the spine and throwing back his head, bend the back.The housing and the feet should be suspended, reliance only on the hands and feet (respiration free).Hold this position for 10-15 seconds.Then return to the starting position.

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