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How to clean the skin enlarged pores

The trouble is that the enlarged pores on the face look very ugly and are a breeding place for bacteria, which in turn leads to the formation of acne.Pores seem deeper than it actually is due to the fact that they accumulate dirt and sebum.Problem areas is the T-zone: chin, forehead and nose.

Unfortunately, skin type is completely determined by genetic predisposition, and it can not be changed.But there is a temporary solution to the problem of enlarged pores, special care, which will help save as much as possible the resulting effect.

What you need to know about the beginning
pores, is kind of the channels through which oil can reach the surface.They are holes on the surface of the skin follicle, which consist of several of the sebaceous glands and hair.The pore hair is thus where the hair, there is time.Fat and hair located on the surface of the skin through the pores.Pore ​​size is related to the production of sebum, the more the pores, the more intense is produced sebum and vice versa.The most
important in skin care is its cleanliness.

Education contribute to pollution:
- Stress,
- hormonal imbalance,
- Violation of the endocrine glands,
- Excessive use of makeup,
- The weakening of the immune system,
- Receive medicines.

1. Peeling
surface, and the median peels can not only clear and narrow pores.A more effective solution may be to chemical peels, because this procedure is not only narrow the advanced deep pores and cleanse the skin.It should be used with caution in facial scrubs.If you have normal skin, you will scrub for her excellent cleanser.But if you are the owner of enlarged pores, it is impossible to apply a rough scrub that contains large particles because it will further expand and injures pores.If you decide to use a facial scrub, you will need to buy special creams for enlarged pores.

proven tools
has long been narrowing for an effective means considered cosmetic clay.It has antibacterial properties, tones, tightens pores and absorbs all skin contamination.Cosmetic clay is very effective as masks.

In the fight against enlarged pores and blackheads is very good lemon.To do this, add the egg white in a few drops of lemon, because the egg white is known for its astringent action, and vzobem Apply this mask on your face.Hold for 15 minutes, after drying smoem cold water.

Rose water helps relieve inflammation, fine pores, normalizes the sebaceous glands.To keep the skin in good condition, you need the morning after waking up to wipe the face with rose water and in the evening after cleansing.

bodyaga Since ancient times, widely used to narrow pores and skin care.In cosmetology bodyaga applied as a powder that is mixed with gel or water.Bodyagi has a warming effect and causes a short-term reddening of the skin, but before going out is not necessary to apply it.After the usual procedure of cleansing to wipe the face with ice or rinse face with cold water, this simple action will help to narrow pores.But ice can be made from the broth of herbs like green tea, oak bark, calendula, eucalyptus, chamomile.

Many women have noticed that most worried about the problem of enlarged pores in the summer, and in winter the opposite narrow pores.This occurs under the effect of cold.Cold treatment is a so-called cryotherapy, which is widely used in cosmetology.The essence of this procedure, cryotherapy is that a person is placed in a special sauna with cold gas (-140 degrees Celsius).This effect activates metabolic processes that improves skin condition affects the appearance and health.

To narrow cryomassage been useful to do.It's such a hard massage, which is done using liquid nitrogen.By the way, massage at home with ice, it is also cryomassage.Cryotherapy helps get rid of black spots, brighten skin and reduce sebum production.

solve the problem of enlarged pores to do in 2 stages:
1. Cleansing face
2. Narrowing far.

In step 1 help cleansing mask out of clay.Clay - a good absorbent, it "pulls" the dirt from the pores and sebum, and thus frees the pores.White clay - kaolin, is considered the most effective for cleaning long, but you can use pink and red clay.

To increase the effect, add essential oils and draining effect - is the oil from the umbrella group (cumin, dill, fennel) and softwood (spruce, cedar, pine).This mask making 1 or 2 times a week, other days confine the usual means for washing in the morning and evening.

Purifying Mask
in a tablespoon of kaolin add mineral water to the consistency of sour cream, 2 drops of essential oil of fennel and 2 drops of glycerin.

Apply on clean face for 10 or 20 minutes.To mask does not dry out, it must, if necessary, sprinkle water.Smoem mask water.

second phase of care for skin with dilated pores
helps narrow pores cosmetic ice, for example, a decoction of rosemary, neroli, peppermint, lemon, sage, mint broth.

This method is contraindicated if the face has visible blood vessels.In this case, you can sprinkle the face with cool water, not ice-cold, or broths to choose from a spray sprinkle.

To extend and maintain the effect Apply the mixture with essential oils, tightens pores - rosemary, mint, tangerine, lemon.

Be careful, do not use funds from the citrus oils (mandarin orange, lemon), before going into the sun.They can trigger pigmentation.Therefore it is better to replace the oil in the daytime on the other, or it will be better to use them only at night.

aromatic blend
hazelnut oil or jojoba oil - 5ml,
lemon essential oil -1 drop,
essential oil - 1 drop.

mix well, let sit for 1 hour and apply on face.After 15 or 20 minutes the remains of wet tissue paper.Skin with dilated pores requires careful maintenance.80% of success depends on the timely and competent cleansing.

cosmetics that pores can be divided into 2 types:
1. Cosmetics, reduces pores, which visually masked them.
2. cosmetics that really tightens pores.

1. Masking
Many firms create creams that hide pores and ground dull skin.
Often they contain silicone, silicone particles creates an invisible film and is filled with all the irregularities of the skin.Among concealers for women are very popular these tonal resources, which smoothes the skin by light-reflecting particles.Thus, it is possible to reduce the discomfort that deliver large pores.

2. Narrowing
Face need to choose a special cosmetics, which tightens pores as a moisturizer for the face.Cosmetics contains both tightening components - cinnamon, seaweed, ginger, burnet and antimicrobial components.People who have large pores, you need to turn your daily care tonic.It is desirable that the tonic component included such as copper, zinc, salicylic, glycolic acid.

Masks for skin with enlarged pores
mask with honey and cheese
To prepare take 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese, one egg and ½ teaspoon of honey.Mash all the ingredients until smooth and put on clean face for 15 or 20 minutes.Smoem mask with warm water and wipe the face with a piece of ice.This mask tightens pores, moisturizes and tones the skin well.

Mask of decoction of herbs
prepare a decoction of the flowers of elderberry, linden blossom, chamomile, taken in equal proportions, oatmeal and honey.To prepare take a tablespoon of herb mixture, fill with a glass of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes, drain.To warm broth add half a teaspoon of honey and oatmeal, until homogenous.Apply a thick layer mask.Dampen the first warm water, then rinse with cool water.
cleans the skin, tightens pores, improves blood circulation.

protein mask for aging skin porous
Take 2 teaspoons of ground on a coffee grinder oat flakes, zest of one estuary, milled in the dust, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 egg white.First vzobem protein gradually add the lemon juice, zest, and then at the end add oatmeal.Remove the mask with warm compresses.Then rinse your face with cold water.

Potato mask
stir to form a slurry, 1 teaspoon of honey, salt, potato starch, warm milk.Apply the mixture on your face with a cotton swab, layer by layer, until the paste is consumed.After 20 or 25 minutes umoem face first warm, then cool water.This recipe is a mask for oily skin use with enlarged pores.The mask will help to smooth the skin and lighten it.

Protein-potato mask
vzobem protein in the foam, add the potato, grated, flour and rub to form a slurry.This mask will raise the tone, good skin pores.It is recommended for oily skin porous.

Flour Mix the flour with the beaten egg whites and plot mush on the skin.The mask is recommended for dry skin pore.It reduces enlarged pores.

Protein lemon mask

Two teaspoons protein vzobem and gradually add ½ teaspoon of lemon juice.Apply the mask 15 or 20 minutes, 2 or 3 doses every 4 or 5 minutes.Remove the mask with a cotton swab dipped in water, but the best tea.This mask whitens skin and degreasing the skin.It is recommended for aging skin.

With these tips and different masks can learn how to clean large pores of the skin.Thus, your face will look beautiful, and the pores on your face will be narrowed.The main thing you need to properly and competently care for such skin.