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How to make yourself curlers

curlers - a kind of rollers, which resembles ribbons designed for curling hair.Previously, they were made of paper.Papilotok popularity stems from the fact that they are among the most simple, easy-to-use and affordable way to create natural curls.By the way, do curlers absolutely safe for the hair.Also, because water resistance and resistance to chemical components, they make clear and expressive curls.Plus, thanks to the absence of a fixed shape and softness they are comfortable using during sleep.Therefore, they can safely do before you go to bed.Finally, curlers - is in existence one of the most accessible and affordable ways to hairdressing.Make yourself curlers very easy thing adheres uncomplicated instructions and you will certainly succeed.

How to curlers

If you urgently need to wind the hair curlers do own is very simple.Cut the paper into sheets, A4 (or take any other thin paper).Fold them several times on the long side, so to get the tube, bend them in half or proden through makeshift cu

rlers rope or thin strip of tissue (then a sheet of paper should be of the format, which is essential for the future size of the locks).

Take hold curlers tip of the hair strands and wind down to the roots, trying to keep them in the middle.Once secure it using a rope or tie the ends of the paper tube to each other, a little bit before that they moistened.

How to make your own curls using papilotok

  1. Purchase curlers.Today there are mainly made of elastic or rubberized foam with wire inside.They may have a length of - from 20 to 25 centimeters and the diameter - 8-10 millimeters.Their size depends on the result of curls.
  2. Before curlers do well and wash your hair before by using it to dry.After this pre-stripped head into squares 2 × 2 or 3 cm × 3 cm each.Are all the locks in the direction of hair.Each strand of using tools for fixing stacking is necessary to moisten well, to infiltrate the whole strand.Since the end beris own cheat on curlers strand.Remember that you need to tighten stretched perpendicular to the strands.
  3. Using a special plastic clamp Fix curlers.Then, moving gradually from the strand to strand, screw all locks.Do You want to alternate in each row direction of the curl, do it safely.In order to protect future curls from deformation during drying with a hair dryer, hair dryer shut.Using a hair dryer, choose mild or moderate regime that does not pomnetsya curls.
  4. dry, carefully remove the curlers, initially removing the clip and then gently freeing her hair.You seemed to get stronger curly hair - section locks and comb them, simulating hair the way you want.By the way, the very thickness and intensity of curls you can independently vary the course of the wave, screwing large strands or less.Do not want to be much curly, use 10-12 papilotok and no more.