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What types of curlers

Modern hairdressing accessories market today offers different types of curlers of various material, having any shape.Therefore, before you create a luxurious curls, you need to decide is what types of curlers are and which ones are best to use.If you are used to do packing day, then you should choose the curlers for daytime use.To do this, fit the following types of curlers:

Thermohair curlers

This kind curlers for those ladies who prefer a quick wave.To get help with their chic curls can be just 10 to 20 minutes.They are also easy to use - just a few minutes to lower them in boiling water, and then screwed into their hair.Acquired curls will stay for a long time.However, there is one drawback: these types of curlers should not use much often, as they desiccate hair.Termobigudi perfect for women with short hair.


very close to the heated rollers, just have a different way of heating.They should not be boiled, they can by means of electric heating to warm themselves.Of course, the

y are more expensive than the heated rollers, but much safer for the hair.

Velvet curlers

These rollers are characterized by a velor cover.They are attached to the hair with plastic sticks that pass through holes in them.These curlers absolutely safe for the hair.With their help, you can get a nice and smooth curls.


These curlers are kept without gums and jaws.They are attached to the hair due to special small hooks.Their function - lifting of and fixing hair at the roots, which provides a luxurious volume.These rollers are suitable for short hair, because there are times that long hair is very much confused to them.Also if you have thin and damaged hair - these curlers is not for you.

Foam rollers

begudi very comfortable soft, but just because of the softness of them should be used in the morning.Only in this way they will help to create a voluminous and elastic curls and not flattened.Thin and short hair to keep them very badly.

There curlers types that can be used in the evening before bedtime.Here we include:

Curler boomerangs

At first glance, their shape may seem uncomfortable and strange, but it is not.These curlers are pretty easy to use and very well fix the hair of any size and length.Curler boomerangs - it is dense foam tubes that are wire rod inside for mounting.Hair wound on boomerangs, they clog.From the length of bugudya boomerang it depends what kind of width of a strand of it you Screw.The large diameter of curlers provides a large curls and small - small curls.Boomerangs are different from the majority of curlers that, thanks to its softness they are very comfortable to sleep.

plastic curlers

These classic curlers come in different sizes.They have the characteristic spikes to strands from slipping off and locking cap.Sleep in them very uncomfortable, and in the process of taking pictures is to constantly monitor that is not on the thorns entangled hair.

for daytime use curlers are the following types:

Wooden and plastic bobbins

Want to get small and tight curls that resemble those of a perm?- This is what you need.Wooden bobbins faster dry and well affect the hair.But when you use plastic bobbins that do not get very kinky result, you should use styling products.


This thin rods are placed inside wire.These rollers do not need fixtures, as they can easily be twisted into any shape.After their application, you get the effect of small curls.

With its arsenal different types of hair curlers, you can always make a new and creative hairstyle.

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