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Treatment of brittle hair

Problems with hair.

However, in any ointment has its fly in the ointment.After regular use of fixing means, irrespective of their type and the company's products, there are various problems with the hair.It is caused by disturbances such as nutritional hair and scalp in the diet.

these disorders are manifested in the fact that they are too dry and flogged lose their shine and silkiness, observed increase in hair breakage.Eating disorders also did not pass without a trace, and to the scalp.There is a feeling of constant itching, inflamed skin and flakes.

Many have resorted, in their view, a radical measure - a change of shampoo.Unfortunately, experience shows that there is not going to help, and so easily get rid of all the problems are not.What else is worth noting?The confluence of several symptoms at once - it is a disease of hair and these must be dealt with drastically.After all, in itself will not resolve the problem, and lead to more serious diseases with a mass of hair loss.

many problems can be eliminated simply, if the time to pay attention to the little things and to run them.For example, a very common problem - the split ends, if the tips of timely crop, it can be deleted.

blank for you to become a kind of ritual to trim the tips of the hair once a month at least five millimeters.Incidentally, the hair grow very quickly and others do not notice your actions.

If the hair loses its luster in the eyes, appear dull and lifeless, and ready to be showered with your head as the last autumn leaves, then they should energize.To do this, you can do vitaminized mask yourself or buy ready-made cosmetic department.Just note that it is required to contain vitamin A.

Home treatment fragility.

In order to realize the home treatment of brittle hair must take one tablespoon of castor oil and burdock, onion juice and one egg yolk.This also added five drops of concentrated vitamin A and pepper tincture.

All Mix and uniformly applied to the hair, from the roots, moving along their entire length to the ends.The mask should be absorbed into the hair.All these manipulations will not take you more than thirty or forty minutes.The effect of such a mask is simply stunning.But there is one small drawback - it is an unpleasant odor that comes from the whole mixture.

In the fight with an unpleasant odor will be an ideal means of lemon juice.When flushing mask squeeze half a lemon into a bowl with water.This ensures that specific smell will not stay on your hair.

Against brittle hair to help oil wraps.Oil impregnated with natural cotton fabric and are wrapped her hair color.Top impose polyethylene and insulated from the top with a towel.Hold all by yourself for an hour.When flushing use shampoo and warm water.This mask is good for everyday use.It helps even badly weakened hair, removes tarnish and gives hair a natural shine and silkiness.Hair just relax and revive.Wrapping can be used not refined vegetable oil or burdock.

also worth remembering grandmother's recipes.Decoction of the herb literally help water your hair vigor and remove fatigue.For blondes and redheads can brew chamomile teas, for brunettes and brown-haired women - nettles or henna.Henna is also a natural dye, it also enhances the color, making it more saturated and rich.

As a "cheer up" the hair?

hair, being constantly in the hair, tired, like any other part of the body - legs on high heels, hands on the heavy bags.Therefore, coming home from work with guests and Tie up long hair, comb them well.

In order to cheer up the body and cause muscle is useful to do every day massage.The same goes for hair.Massaging can be a wooden brush in different directions for the growth of hair.Before going to bed to give yourself time not only on the make-up removal and application of creams, as well as a light scalp massage.Make it the usual circular motion all over your head with your fingers, and direction from the temples to the crown, falling to the back of the head.Can a little pull his hair, to improve blood flow to the follicles.

There are other issues that have to face many of our fellow citizens - is ringworm or lice.An infectious disease, there is often non-compliance with personal hygiene.Lice as habitat choose not only the hair on the head, but also clothes, and covered with hair all surfaces.Pediculosis is transmitted using your combs, hairpins, towels and other hygiene infected person.Lice bite through human saliva is sprayed powerful toxin that causes skin irritation and itching at the site of the bite.

already passed the time when the treatment of the patient nalyso shaved and the skin rubbed with turpentine.Clearly this causes heavy damage to the hair, but well helped by lice.Now in the age of chemical hair treatment - this is not a problem.In order to get rid of lice is enough to pick up a shampoo or ointments that are sold in pharmacies.But they better be treated after consulting a doctor.From these ointments lice die, they combed the thick comb.Comb treated with vinegar.After each treatment cycle is well to wash my hair with warm water and apple cider vinegar.Alkaline soap to wash clothes and well-ironed at a high temperature.

Traditional medicine also offers a recipe for removing lice - mixed fish oil, anise, olive, and burdock oil, add the cranberry juice.Coat the surface of the head carefully, keeping half an hour and wash off.