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Mesotherapy for hair loss

concept mesotherapy hair.

Mesotherapy is a special method of introduction of the necessary preparations into the scalp with a view to sustained local effect and maximize the impact of the problem of alopecia to prevent hair loss and stimulate new growth.

briefly on the method of mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy went into medicine in the middle of the twentieth century, and became a minimally invasive method of prophylaxis and treatment.The founder of this method was the French doctor Michel Pistre.In 1952 he published the first foundations of mesotherapy.At the same time the doctor was referring to his own observations and evaluate the results.Neologism - Mesotherapy has been used for the name of the method, and subsequently the indications and contraindications.Pointing pretty effective, Mesotherapy has become very widespread in Europe, and then in the whole world.

Facts about mesotherapy.

In general, the essence of the method is not complicated: it consists in the subcutaneous Introducion mes

otherapeutic cocktails that are specifically compiled to solve the problem of a certain individual.

This procedure is for the scalp is recommended for people suffering from hair loss, the so-called diffuse alopecia.Diffuse alopecia - a disease accompanied by widespread hair loss, which is associated with impaired physiological change phases of hair growth.This is due to the impact of adverse factors on the hair follicles.These negative factors may include aggressive environmental influences and hormonal changes (lactation, pregnancy).

The structure mesotherapeutic cocktails includes a number of useful components: it vitamins, and minerals, plant extracts and amino acids.It is known that these substances are essential for normal hair follicle function.And as already mentioned, each cocktail is made individually depending on the patient's history and testimony.

How painful mesotherapy hair and what she looks like?

is believed that mesotherapy against hair loss and hair growth - rather painful procedure.There are some patients who simply can not tolerate any injections and injections of their individual psychological reasons.Indeed, a shot in the head, many sounds intimidating.But there is nothing to fear.

What is mesotherapy?The procedure is performed by microinjection - a very thin needles.Through this procedure minimizes the discomfort.

course correction procedures diffuse alopecia includes twelve to sixteen treatments at intervals of six days.The procedures are carried out to maintain an interval of about one and a half months to get lasting results and the effect desired.After treatment by mesotherapy stop your hair fall out, delighting you every day with its beauty and health.

In mezotrapii combines several advantages, simply essential to adjust trichological problem.It allows an individual approach to the selection of cocktails and the compilation of course, contributes to the delivery of essential nutrients to the follicles.The procedure can be combined with other treatment methods, for example, physiotherapy and massage the scalp and local treatment.

If you prefers "natural treatment", feel free to combine mesotherapy with folk remedies.By the good folk remedies include burdock tincture and bitter pepper.However, it is worth remembering that they can improve a little bit, but to solve the problem of hair loss they can not afford.