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How to care for dry hair tips


First, split ends shear must be periodically (every six to eight weeks).And no need to feel sorry for her hair, because the dead and lifeless tips almost beyond repair, and prevent a similar situation is possible.


If the tips are cut strongly recommended to change your shampoo on healing.As part of the shampoo should be present extracts of peppermint, chamomile and linden blossom, as well as lecithin and vitamins (especially B group).


should also pay attention to your comb.To care for damaged hair should give preference to a wooden comb.Such combs prevent splitting of the ends, and electrify them.If you have a habit to use the "soft" combs, the first time you will feel some discomfort.But this feeling will disappear after a few weeks, and your hair will no longer experience the extra load during scratching.

balms and creams

To care for damaged and dry ends is recommended to use special balms and lotions, does not require rinsing.Typically, these funds are applied

to clean, damp hair.Such funds are enriched with nutrients that strengthen hair, while not burdening them.

nutritional oil mask

Care for dry hair ends can be and with the help of nutritional oil mask serving for healing and strengthening the hair ends.These masks should be applied to dry hair ends half an hour, then rinse under running water with the shampoo.Burdock, olive and almond oil is also well established as a means to care for over dried tips.The effectiveness of oil masks can be strengthened if the oil is slightly warmed and add a few drops of essential oil.For this purpose, well suited essential oils of mandarin, chamomile, ylang-ylang, rosewood and sandalwood.As the base oil may be used and jojoba oil.

Honey wrap

Daily honey compress the ends of hair can provide an analogue oil mask.For this you need to compress a tablespoon of honey diluted in the same amount of warm water.The resulting weight is applied to the split ends of hair to stand for half an hour and wash off with cool water.Honey not only strengthens the hair, but also serves as an additional power supply.


Any further traumatize the hair styling, so the damaged tips better to abandon pulling hair, tight tail curling and thermo-curlers.Use a hair dryer is desirable only in the cool mode, and better, if possible, and did give it up (especially in summer).On the benefit can go air ionization (some feature hair dryers).


strengthen brittle and damaged hair ends may lack of fatty acids in the body, so do not forget about a balanced diet.In using vegetable oils that are rich in vitamins, fatty fish (sardines, tuna, salmon), and nuts, you can fill a need in the body of essential trace elements.