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How to tell your child where babies come from

Let's talk about how to tell the child where children take?

Child psychologists recommend: first of all - to remove the taboo on the subject.To recognize the right of the child to ask questions about gender differences and sexual life.In many families, everything connected with sex - absolutely closed and is not discussed with the children.The parents shirk from answering direct questions or severity make a child stop questioning them on an uncomfortable topic.This behavior of parents puts the baby to a standstill, reduces the credibility of the mother and father, and, in a more adult, makes us look for yourself other authorities.Therefore, it is extremely important to show your child that mom and dad are ready to help sort out any topic of interest.

Up to a certain age (1.5 to 2 years) children are not ashamed of their nakedness, and have little interest in someone else.For 3 years the child makes a discovery: the girls are arranged not like boys, but not as much as his uncle aunt.Kids with interest

the members of the opposite sex and asked his first question, concerning the apparent difference in the structure of the genital organs.Around the same time, it should be expected from a child questioning about how he was born.Therefore, it is important to know how to tell the child where babies come from.

If a kid raised "delicate" topic at a party, on the bus, or other inappropriate place for this - you need to promise that, say, in the evening, when you return home - all to explain to him.And (IMPORTANT!) Be sure to make a promise.

makes no sense to talk about storks and cabbage under his arm, flying in the shop where "zanedorogo" selling babies.In any case - a person learns how it was in reality.And have matured child may be a reasonable confusion: parents told the truth.Do not be so lightly waste childlike trust.Discuss with your child the basic questions of sex - not difficult, if you prepare in advance - in fact, the responses of parents to be sincere and to sound confident.

Talking about gender differences, the conception and birth of children should be the language available to the age at which the child is: figuratively, of course, and not loading unnecessary details."The kid is growing in the mother's stomach, it is - as the home for the tiniest of babies. And when it becomes a little more - comes out through a special hole" - a child up to 5 years, as a rule, it is quite satisfied with such explanations.

Most often interested in how children end up in the midsection mother, the child begins later - to 5-6 years.It has become important stories that when adults want to have a baby, Dad, "my mother in the stomach transplants seed from which the baby begins to grow."For 7-8 years the child is already quite possible to give a little more information - explain the meaning of the word "penis", "queen", "vagina", "sperm", "egg".The process of conception can be described like this: "Men and women who love each other and want to have children, bedtime kiss and hug. And, then - a man inserts the penis into the vagina a woman and the sperm meet the egg. The fastest sperm merges with theegg, so she begins to grow and turn into a baby. "

Irrespective of the age of the child answers must be truthful and ultimately clarify the issue.

should not gloss over the topic of sex differences, conception and birth, even if the child is 6-7 years not to ask questions.From peers it can get quite controversial information.It is better to raise the topic themselves, taking advantage of an opportune moment, for example, "Look - Aunt Masha's growing belly - because they Uncle Lesha will soon be the kid. This is so great! You know how kids are born?".

It is important that the central theme in conversations concerning sexual relations, was love.

By adolescence child should come up with a clear understanding of the basic anatomy and physiological processes associated with childbirth.At this time, in conversations with parents should be the main theme of responsibility.Talk about the fact that sexual relations take adults are aware of the consequences and taking responsibility for their own health and the possible children.Discuss what threatens unplanned early pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases through.Tell us about the different methods of contraception.But it should be emphasized that neither method is not wholly.Pick up again the theme of love in the relationship between the sexes.Reassure the child that the entry into sexual life "out of curiosity" is likely to bring only disappointment.

12-15let - puberty and the most "vulnerable" age.Just great, if a teenager with full confidence in the parents.However, the girls - it is easier to discuss the "awkward" theme with her mother, and the boy - his father.

books for children, telling about the human body and sexuality appeared in our country in the early 90s, and now, their range can throw into confusion the most "advanced" parents.Before you buy a new "Encyclopedia of sex life for children", be sure to read the full text of books to avoid unplanned "surprises."It is not necessary, as fully to shift the function of education of the child in matters of sex in the book.Live chat with people close to allow the child to clarify all the unclear point.

Rejoice, if a child asks "delicate" questions for you - as long as he does so, you can be sure - you are the first circle of trust.Do not push down it at this point.Lost trust is very hard to recover.Authority in such matters is to be parents, not friends of the court.