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What to buy a toy to a child 1 year

at this age are actively in the process of socialization, the child gets acquainted with the rules of behavior in human society, "trying" them for yourself.And most natural for a young child to learn the way the different social roles - the game.Toy puppy, princess or superhero - is the characters, endowed with its own character traits that encourages the child to identify with them and to be emotionally involved in the game.The child finds a common language with other children through play and toy soldiers or dolls become agents on the way to understanding.And if the baby is not enough vocabulary to communicate, it is quite compensated by their curiosity to each other and need to make contact with their peers.Because of trouble with toys your child probably will extract and use, and fun, but you can contribute to ensuring that this process has become more meaningful and interesting.

Since independence

kid pleased to be able to open their own world around, but at the same time, this freedom can be

frightening.To feel less vulnerable, child, looking up from his mom, taking with him his favorite toy, which becomes a kind of talisman, protector and comforter.Psychologists believe that the selected child a toy with which he usually does not leave, it symbolizes the relationship with his mother and helps to cope with the anxiety that accompanies separation from her.Encourage independent game your kid, leave him alone, to start for 15 minutes once or twice a day.If a child broke, do not interrupt unnecessarily, watch from afar.Toys will be useful for the development of self-help skills.The baby consolidated knowledge, it can be "trained" for favorite toys."The doll is not able to clean teeth.Teach her, please! »

Managing emotions

Children 2-3 years in the majority is very impulsive and emotional, but not yet able to recognize others' emotions and to express their socially acceptable way.But they can learn to distinguish between emotions and manage them through game situations, imitating the reactions of the characters with whom they identify.To help a child cope with negative emotions can play a situation in which he will be the one who soothes, comforts, or even be strict.You can play for the doll, which is capricious, naughty, fight, and thus give the child the opportunity to respond by imitating someone from adults.This is useful for kids and informative for you, you will be able to see, including my own reaction in the interpretation of the child.This view from the side will help you better understand your child's emotional life, and may adjust your educational impact.

Learning to talk

At the age of 2-3 years old children is a "linguistic revolution".The kid quickly learns new words, sometimes more than ten a day!Listen, indicating that the child during the game.He must have made a mistake, pay attention to it, but did not correct him while he is playing.Take time to play together, talk to the different characters - it will encourage the baby to express their thoughts more clearly and accurately.

Learning to communicate

kid just starting to learn to communicate and make friends.Dolls and plush companions help work out in the communication.They "talk" (with your help), it is important to be able to negotiate, share, sympathize with, and sometimes even to defend themselves.When the baby invites you to play with him, you have a good opportunity to the example of toys to teach communication crumbs.Gather friends for tea dolls and say that at all, unfortunately, only one cake."Princess wants a piece, bear too.Let's divide so that everyone had enough! "Give your child the opportunity to handle the situation on their own, because to enter into relations with other kids to be him, not you.

Gain confidence

for a small child the world is too large, and it is sometimes confused.Tiny important to feel that some part of life is under his control.So you can catch their crumbs "educate" toys.Most of the time the child is subject to parental rules through the game, he gets the opportunity to become who controls and commands.If while playing together with your child you feel you need to inspire and encourage him, give him the opportunity to choose the role for the doll.Let it guide all actions and behavior of the doll, do not criticize or moralize.This game will give him a treat and give a sense of confidence and freedom.Now we know what to buy your child a toy to 1 year.

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