Fashion - an integral part of our life, or a way to earn

But all antiquity, that such clothing in our time?In principle, the basic functions have remained in our time - to hide and stand out, let's call them so.But, unfortunately, the first function in our time receded into the background, and the main function of the left stand.Stand today, how can someone wears torn jeans in the winter, some mink coat in the summer, etc., freaks nowadays abound.Also, many people simply stand price of clothing (show your status in the society), buying brands or just clothes in boutiques, which can be seen at once, in fact.

look good and want everything expensive, but what do the people with limited financial resources, especially if it's a girl, they want to change clothes every day.Here comes to the aid of China, which produces a lot of clothes for quite a reasonable price, while copying any global brands.From all this we can conclude that the clothing is undoubtedly an integral part of our lives, without it anywhere.

"But where is fashion?"- You ask me.And despite the fac
t that she has spurred us to change the priority of the functions in clothing, because of the fashion, we try to look different from others, better than others.After all, thanks to fashion, we aim to change clothes as often as possible.It's simple - someone needs money to live on, so he comes up with what today is fashionable to wear a suit and jeans tomorrow.

After all, if it were not for fashion, it would be well lived only Chinese manufacturers as their products, we will be updating because of their unreliability and low price, it's clothes for a year maximum.In this case, all is well - the Chinese have a job have an income, and not only them - still have heaps of intermediaries.But what then to do a reliable and high-quality producers?And it turns out, they would have lived only due to population growth, because buying a fur coat, for example, a few thousand dollars, people can carry it all my life, and it turns out that the producer of the most coats in the end was not used work and more atheap intermediaries with them.Here comes in fashion.We buy dorogushchuju thing, hoping to vilify a little longer, but in the morning we find out that she was not fashionable and wear it is in bad taste, it turns out - you do not fancy ... And angry, but I understand that there is no choice, we go againbuy a new, expensive thing.Everybody - people have a job.

The result is that the clothing is still a necessary and integral part of life, but fashion - is not nothing but a way to suck money from our pockets, and to change this, unfortunately, is no longer possible, sincea man already laid at the genetic level, it has to be fashionable.Only then you can change something in the psychology of people, convincing them not to chase trends.After all, in our lives so much value that we can make people forget about fashion and wasting money on it, it is such a thing as love, family, children.
People appreciate moral values ​​rather than material!