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How to understand yourself and understand what you want

Every day you come home from work and opened the door of his apartment, you just sink to all-rounder.It is constantly the same thing: a true circle of a mess, all scattered everywhere is not a small layer of dust, and from the vase watching you wilted flowers, which have long not hurt to throw out of the house into the street.In short, it is better not to look anywhere.And you can do nothing 'down in a chair, without looking round the room look interesting, subconsciously you realize that you need all of this will certainly understand.But, unfortunately, it's repeated every day and does not bring any results.This life pattern familiar to many women who may not even understand why all this is happening.But in this situation it is necessary to begin not with cleaning the house, and with itself.Let's try to answer the question: "How to understand yourself, to understand what I want?".

Want a full order - start with yourself

If the apartment is a mess, remember what it means in your mind exactly the sa

me.From there, everything goes.Therefore, to understand and understand what is happening it is necessary, first of all, with his soul.Here, just off the favorite and his inner world, we begin.

Most often we lose our peace of mind because of some quarrel with a close friend (friend, relative, beloved).Or for various conflicts, both at work and at home.Plus, here you can safely enable constant dissatisfaction with herself.After all, you want to change everything, but can not.Here, you and look at everything that's going on with contempt, constantly punishing yourself for it.Disorder in the purse at home on the desktop, here it is, the main indicator that suggests itself is that dislike.But here, it's not about you.You should be sure to understand that peace and the absence of suppression of moral strength, it entails and the lack of physical, including too.So I put everything in its place, at the same time you have to look into itself and ask yourself the question: "How do I know what I want from life itself?".Cleaning the house - it's not that, compared with finding inner peace with itself.

repay a debt - and life will improve

If you are already within two months do not give her neighbor lent you 100 RUR is it okay.Here you just need to select a moment and bring her the money.But there are debts that we invent ourselves.These debts have the ability to increase and moral pressure on us from the inside.An example of such debt may be, for example, your desire for several months to see his distant relative, or call a friend.And, as luck would have it, you absolutely can not afford to allocate time to this matter.But you are waiting and hoping on you.And you have not once found excuses not to do so.And by the way, in case you are caught off guard a reminder, you also have such an excuse.Thoughtful, but it is not true.For you it is a very very Eating and forces to be constantly on their toes, because you respect and love these people, but you can not change anything, but rather just do not want.And here in the life of each of us, above all, there are places where even the "legs do not go," but it is necessary to go very well.For example, the passport office, or service station.These institutions do not bring any aesthetics of their visit, but to postpone the visit to the far corner was not worth it.Otherwise, it can bring much more problems and discomfort in the future.

To begin sit and think about why you're still not done it much earlier.If it's your lack of organization - lead the diary, but if you just do not want to - find out for what reason exactly why.Then take itself to the direct control.

But in case, if you really do not want to do something is not important, and that "something" is reaching for you, as the WHO, thereby burdening your life, try to get rid of these "tails".Remember, if you do not want to do anything or to do - do not go against their will.

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today

There are people who hand in a specific case, always bring it to the end.These people usually are not tormented conscience, and they sleep much stronger remaining.What to do if you do not belong to their number?And these things, as "a yoke on the neck" reach for you?With these "unfinished" works very uncomfortable to live, they always pulled to the bottom, and with time, they accumulated more and more.What kind of peace of mind, and then equilibrium can be discussed at all?

sure to finish all these affairs, and forget about them once and for all.Do you want to - make yourself, but rather find a good reason to want to.

figure out what I want, with the help of built plan

Most often we lose our peace of mind because of their uncertainty.For example, in the life of every person there are certain lists of cases that are placed under the two columns, the name of which "need" and "want".It is this uncertainty and pressure on you because you can not figure out what is really attributed to the number of "must", and that one of the "I want".In this issue you need to draw up a detailed plan that will certainly help you to understand and make sense of what you want and what should be done without fail.Just sit down and think about it well.Remember that if you really understand what you want, it's sure to inspire you to perform everything that you need.It is always possible to achieve the desired only through the implementation of the rest.For example, if you want comfort in the apartment - it is necessary to make repairs.Here it is, the basic rule of internal harmony between our desires and possibilities.Do not ignore it and skip past him.Remember that the soul may be comfortable, but if you are able to know yourself and what you expect it from yourself and life in general.We wish you a pleasant understand themselves and to carry out all their "want", without it "can not"!