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How to behave if broken mercury thermometer

Even if you're not familiar with this situation, I think, no harm will know how to behave, if you break a mercury thermometer.This can prevent a panic, abnormal behavior, followed by a lot of trouble may arise.Primarily - health.

not be amiss to point out that wage if broken thermometer, following carefully.When broken mercury thermometer, one can see melenkie silver balls that can to roll into any slot.The thermometer small amount of mercury, so the danger is not so much mercury as its connection.The most harmful mercury vapors as a toxic substance.

Symptoms of poisoning mercury vapor does not take long to wait: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache.But it's so superficial symptoms that many people are unaware that they have developed a nasty, dangerous disease.As a result of mercury poisoning in a few years it may be manifested in kidney disease and neurosis.After processing facilities drink plenty of fluids, mercury left to the body (it goes through the kidneys).

case where the mercury hit a ball

into the esophagus, there is vomiting, choking, bluish skin.In this case, you should immediately call the "fast" help.

When broken thermometer in the first place should be put out of the placement of children and the elderly.Keep them better out of place with the mercury.Then light the space, so that no silver ball did not go unnoticed.You can bring to the place of the lamp or shine a flashlight.Take your bare hands toxic substance should not be - better put on rubber gloves on his feet - plastic bags.That is less dangerous to breathe in pairs, put on cotton-gauze bandage soaked in water or soaked in a soda solution.Being a long time in the room is also dangerous.Therefore come out on the air every 15 minutes.

As a tool for the collection of mercury broom will not do, it is better to take the brush and roll the balls in the leaf.You can use a needle or needles, rubber bulb syringe, adhesive tape, and so on. N. But it is impossible to collect the mercury with a vacuum cleaner, it is even more inflate pair and mercury choose from it will be completely impossible.If the balls rolled in the gap, you can sprinkle the place with sand - then it will be easier to roll out their brush.Or, place a piece of wet cotton wool soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate (0, 2% - 2 g of potassium permanganate to 1 liter of water).If mercury is spilled on a sofa, chair or other porous surface is better to deliver the product in a special dry cleaning.

The collected material should be poured into a glass jar with a lid in which to collect the same solution.There also need to shake off the mercury, which is not getting enough sleep, and which contains broken mercury thermometer.In no case do not put a jar of mercury near objects with heating (stove, batteries).It is best to bring it to put on a balcony or window.

should also disinfect the place where broken mercury thermometer was spilled mercury.To do this, moisten it with a solution of potassium permanganate or soap-prescription saline solution: 30 g of sodium and 40 g of soap (which for better solubility rub on a grater) per liter of water, or the bleach solution.From rags to wipe the floor, it is also better to get rid of, and closed in a glass jar.Wipe necessary and furniture next to an unsafe site.Water blocks evaporation of mercury.This solution should stand at the scene about a half - two days.Then rinse with cold water.

sure to ventilate the room.But in any case, not yet collected mercury balls, do not let drafts!Well, if the outside temperature is lower than the room - at low temperature decreases poisonous vapors.So if you have air conditioning, you can turn on the cold mode.

How to behave when the mercury hit on clothes?It should be washed (do not put in the washing machine) in cold water for receiving, then half an hour to take in soap-soda solution (at 70-800S), and then washed for 20 minutes in an alkaline solution and finally rinsed in cold water.

What to do with a jar containing mercury is collected?The easiest way - to throw in the trash.But without special handling mercury will release toxic substances and at the same time may also suffer other people: two grams of mercury pollute six thousand cubic meter of air.There is no need to lower it into the sewer - mercury settles to the sewers, where to get it will require tremendous effort.The correct version - attributed to the fire department, MOE point, the district SES, or call on the house of representatives of the Office of Civil Defense and Emergencies.

After the cleaning you need to do several treatments for your own safety: Rinse throat with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, brush your teeth, take a few tablets of activated charcoal, drink plenty of fluids.

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