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If you do not have enough money to live on

In fact, there are many options to do something, if you do not have enough money to live on.Of course, the most simple and easy - to return to his mother under his wing.But, I agree to this, not everyone.After all, once the need to start an independent life, and if you just give up, you will never get anywhere.

So, what to do, where to find the exit.Many offer to change jobs.Like, if you do not have enough money, then you need to find something more profitable.But this is not always the right solution.It often happens that you yourself know - for your specialty work your work is the most profitable, and changing it, you will only complicate their existence.Therefore, you should not listen to the advice of those who do not know the situation.Only you alone know how to make enough money.Of course, you can say that you have already tried and nothing happens.In fact, if you have at least an average salary, you can learn how to get out.In this case - the main thing to save and save.

So, what do you miss?Th

ink itself, you really are missing out on life or a good life?When it comes to the second, then you should slightly moderate their demands.Starting to live independently, live well, only those who are parents every month giving away a tidy sum.If your Mom and Dad can not afford it, then you are very likely to be achieved.But this takes time and the ability to manage your money.

This is no big deal if to prioritize.Firstly, you should never pay to go on the day and buy everything you want.When the hands of a large sum, it seems that a couple of extra hundred will not change anything.In fact it is not.Seeing a lot of money, we forget that we have to live not only today, but in a week, so we go to the store and buy everything that catches your eye.This leads to the fact that the salary ends a week later, and how to live three more, and we have no idea.The same applies to situations where the daily wage, most young people decide to rest calls all the friends and buys everything, anything your heart desires, and the next day with horror realize that half of the salaries not.

Therefore, having received the money, it is better to go home immediately, and instead spend it on everything, make a list of what you really need to buy food from, how much to pay for an apartment that you can spend on clothes and cosmetics, and forit is already possible to walk.These lists help you understand that money is not too much, and put himself in a sense.

Then, going for a meal, you do not need to go to the supermarket, which is better, just because it's more convenient to you.There may be more expensive.Learn to shop around, to consider and determine exactly where better to buy good products at lower prices.Remember that no one has yet canceled the markets, especially small ones.They can be bought fresh and quality products at lower prices than in the shops.When buying products, remember that you need to eat normally.Therefore, choose something that is really needed by the body, what have the necessary vitamins and minerals.Of course, sometimes you can pamper yourself with expensive goodies, but they should spend the money from the category of "entertainment."

After a meal you understood, you can go for cosmetics and clothing.In this case, too, it is necessary first of all common sense.Of course, every girl likes jackets and five dozen lipsticks, but if we decided to live myself, learn to choose what you really need.For example, deciding to buy you four lipstick or one, think about how many of them will you use once a month, and how much - every day.Take what you need on a daily basis.The same applies to clothing.If it's summer, you do not need to buy their own autumn jacket, even if you like crazy.Believe me, in the fall you will find certainly the other, which is also very like you.Therefore, better buy something saving that you can wear right now.Always try to be guided by a sense of rationality, not his desires-second.Remember that no one bluzochki you can do, but without bread - not very.

also immediately put off the money that you have to pay the rent and can not afford to have something to take.It is not necessary to reassure yourself that you then get one from somewhere in the necessary amount.Most likely, you do not get, unless will not take into debt.A debt - is the last thing.They turn life into a vicious circle, since when, and so not enough to live on, debt rob us last penny.Therefore, learn to control himself.

In addition, you should always be delayed a little bit of money for unforeseen expenses.In life anything can happen, so the house must be at least a few extra hundred that you also do not spend as if you did not want.

If you are extra money - postponed.No need to immediately spend it on partying and unnecessary trinkets.Let lie in peace, come the time, and they come in handy.

only after you have calculated everything and everything postponed, you can see how much you have left on entertainment.Of course, this is not as much as you expect, but you must learn to restrain their appetites.If you are going to count money correctly, then they will begin to accumulate and, soon, you'll be able to spend more on a favorite.The main thing - to wait a bit and learn how to handle money.