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Why wasps bite and how to get rid of wasps

only insects are different, we should not be vigilant, they are aggressive and harmless.The latter did not pay any attention to the man and fly past him and aggressive insects dig into every comer of a man who, relaxed, sitting in the summer sun.By intellectuals include bees and bumblebees, without any reason, they never attack people.But the wasps and hornets - a real aggressors that bite just the mood.

science does not find out the cause of the aggression, but interesting facts are known.Bees sting of a small indent, because they simply can not be removed from human skin.Therefore, when a bee stings a person, it loses its sting, and with it part of the stomach, which may not be compatible with her life after being bitten by a bee dies.Hornets and wasps bite with a sharp sting smooth, it easily penetrates the skin and back, because these insects bite repeatedly, and each time the victim is injected into a certain amount of poison.

Another confirmed by experiment, but an inexplicable fact: angry wasps

and bees often pounce on those people who are allergic to their bites, which is a mystery to scientists.

Unwelcome neighbors
There are many species of wasps, some are solitary, while others live in large families that build special nests.Forest wasps make nests in the branches of trees and bushes, and the average wasp - in attics, sheds, under the roofs of houses.This kind of gives people great concern.These wasps are found in the garden, at the ripe sweet fruit, attracted some smell, they are turned over the kitchen table.

chosen a secluded place in the spring of wasps building a nest.Overwintered female-queen builds a nest carefully and patiently, cell by cell, and then lays eggs in the nest and feed the larvae.Because the larvae are born shortly workers wasps.With their appearance, the female will not produce their own food and not fly out of the nest, breed it, and workers extend wasp nest and feed her and new larvae.In the autumn of the cells displayed males and females, but the winter are fertilized females and males, and workers wasps die.

Wasps do many useful things: destroying pests, pollinating flowering plants, but at the same time, their bites and aggression are very dangerous to human health.And if you find yourself in the country a dangerous neighborhood, then, if you can, you get rid of them, or call the Emergency Situations Ministry, they will help you cope with the wasps.If you can not call for help, have to act independently.

How to get rid of wasps?
Remove socket must be in the twilight, in the evening when the wasps have flocked in their hornet's nest.At this time, you can immediately eliminate the entire family of wasps and avoid bites, but during the day, when you try to disturb the nest, you can expose themselves to mass attack by the wasps, with all its disastrous consequences here.

Take durable large plastic bag inside it apply any insecticide and carefully place the jack in the package, tightly tie the bag, leave for a day.Then remove the socket with the dead wasps and burn it.Thus, in one season, you get rid of these terrorists volatile.

When you can not find the nest and wasps do not give you peace of mind, try using baits to reduce their number.In a plastic bottle cut off the top and a conical portion, turn down the neck and put it back into the rest of the plastic bottle, which pour sweet syrup.The bottles are placed in places where there is a large concentration of wasps, the solution from time to time update.Wasps crawl inside for a sweet treat, they can not get back and die in huge numbers.

When you walk in nature, do not run barefoot on the green grass, go around doing the hollow trees, because in the grass and in the hollows of trees may be unsafe insects and wasps.After a dip in the river, quickly dry the body, the smell of sweat, perfume attracts insects.

course, picnic - it's a great form of recreation, but do not keep open the sweet fruit and drinks, its aromas of many meters they will attract unwanted guests.

not wear very bright clothes if you are going to be in places where the insects - bees and wasps very rapidly react to such bright colors and flowers of the host tissue.

If you are traveling by car, very carefully inspect the room, that there was no random passengers as wasps and bees.

If you flew a bee or wasp, do not make sudden movements, stay still and stay calm, do not wave your hands, as it can provoke aggression.

One of the most life-threatening allergic reaction to a sting.In severe cases, there are diarrhea, vomiting, hives, swelling of the extensive, it may be choking and all this will lead to anaphylactic shock, which, if you do not have time to help, will end in death.

We know why wasps bite and how to properly get rid of wasps.Particularly stringent safety rules must be followed for those who are allergic to insect stings.Besides all of the above, these people should be in the summer antihistamines that then, if necessary, take them immediately.Be very careful, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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