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What things desirable to store in the house?

old clothes and shoes
Lovely slippers your heart will be good as a whole.If they are torn, they must be removed from the house, as they attract negative energy.It is forbidden to have in the house and torn clothing.Evaluate the old clothes and shoes on this principle, whether you wear it?If you will not, throw them away, you should not store things that you no longer wear, never too late to purge closets.After all, old things in life bring anxiety and fuss, and prevent women from getting rid of unnecessary kilograms.

Broken crockery
About utensils separate conversation.In humans, there is a mentality, it is a pity to use good cookware and dishes, too bad it is a pity to throw.We put on a shelf in the wall of the beautiful dishes, and every day use bad.And then we are surprised that there were in the privacy of some oddities and problems with health.Cracks in the pot give the same crack in the fate and it's not a mystic.Plates symbolize wealth, intelligence, family.And when cracked dishes, we ours

elves subconsciously set up for failure.Crockery with defects, chips, cracks, breaks power food and makes it dangerous to health.Do not feel sorry for expensive kits and sets.No matter how much we like dishes, but if you split a piece of it, this dish should be discarded, battered dishes desirable to store at home.Flaws dishes point to problems in the relationship.After all, we live in a time and at all enough good dishes.

It's nice to grow green in the house pets.But not curly.These plants attract different illnesses, such things can not be in the house.But if the plants are located on the outside of the house, they will protect it from the evil eye troubles and is the only benefit you, your home will be protected.If the vine is located inside the house, you need to be curly stems using a wire frame, form a ball in the pot.

Dry feather grass and reeds
Many housewives decorate your house feather and colored reeds.But our ancestors believed that this leads to a disaster.There are many herbs that can be flavored and decorate your home.Green flowers give good mood, eliminate the disease and improve energy.It is necessary to replace the reeds on the begonia, needles and twigs is appropriate to bring into the house and put in a vase only during the winter holidays.It is considered a bad omen to keep these branches in the rest of the year.And then you will not need the positive energy.

Do not store in the house of reeds.In the dried form they portend death, illness, attract misfortune.The same troubles will feather you and if they will be decorated room.Stipa foretells widowhood.The house is nice to have dried flowers, they protect the occupants from illness, processed negative light.Do not cultivate the house pansies.These flowers are traditionally planted by the graves.Begonia - a symbol of family well-being, and it will always be able to balance the situation.Never make the house donated by a palm tree, your family will be a great sorrow.

It's just a little educational program of energy management at home.You can define yourself by unnecessary things.Go to some things in the house and talk to her about their joys and problems.If you feel uncomfortable, then, is not your thing, it is a stranger.If you do good, it means a thing of charge from your energy, and keep the house from evil forces.

Now we know what things should not be kept in the house, try to rid your house of unnecessary things, and you will feel in your home much more comfortable and safer.

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