How to keep the house clean?

Surely you do cleaning them many times, but each time it gets cluttered again.The reason lies in the field of psychology.It turns out that we are emotionally connected with most of our things.For example, we wish to sell or throw away an old chest of drawers, which once belonged to our grandmother.But it is fixable.We have identified three main places where most often a mess.It drawers lockers and dressing table, desk and wardrobe.Our specially designed plan will help you eliminate the mess once and for all.

The cabinet
If you're like most people, do not wear half the clothes out of your closet, you can put unnecessary things in the closet.Things that are severely damaged or out of fashion, must be discarded.Sometimes it can be difficult, because many of them remind us of the different periods of our lives - both good and bad.Think about what kind of clothes inspired you lead an active lifestyle, exercise or thinking about health and how much goes to show you that you are overweight.From the latter

it is recommended to get rid of.

Sort clothes
1. Fold the separate clothes and accessories that you have not worn in over a year.Very worn and old throw things at once.
2. Try to objectively assess your wardrobe.For this critical look at him or ask the opinion of a close friend or girlfriend.What do they think things should be thrown away long ago.But just ask the person who will tell you the truth, not what you want to hear.
3. Get rid of clothing that does not inspire you.For example, if you want to lose weight and had dropped a few kilos, then discard or donate to someone all things large.
4. Sort the clothes you wear, the boxes and sign each of them.For example: "Clothes for the office."Then, if within a year you have not taken advantage of any one thing out of this box, you throw it away.

Create a system
1. Do not forget about aesthetics.If your wardrobe will look neat, you constantly want to keep it that way.To use the clothes hangers made of wood or plastic, by wire "coat hanger" should be abandoned because they do not look very aesthetically pleasing, and can sometimes confuse even clothing.
2. Organize clothes (for example, by color or by type).Roll and fold together jeans and sweaters.It is better if you pereoboruduete drawers so that the clothes they had seen.Do not hammer the boxes up to the top, they should be space.
3. Do not keep things in boxes.Footwear and leather goods, place on the shelves.Bags and belts - at eye level, so that they are easy to take.
4. Before buying new things, get rid of the old ones.

The desk
If you feel that you can not organize themselves and literally torn note on your desk.Surely it just reflects that your condition.It is littered with catalogs, newspapers and magazines.You would think that when you have time, you can all see and read.But that moment never comes, and the mountain of unnecessary things on the table all the increases.
1. Lay out all the papers your table, dividing them into three categories.First fold the stack of things that need immediate attention.The second stack of everything that is not so important.And the third - the papers that you exactly in the near future will not be necessary.
2. Everything needed to make paper place within arm's reach.Make them vertically into special stands along with the letters, that they are not buried under numerous papers table.In the analysis of market trust yourself - no one knows better than you what is important and what is not.
3. Take a special place for long-term storage of securities.Fold back what you do not exactly come in handy in the near future, but for some reason you can not throw away.Ideal for storing securities suit specific files and folders, as well as racks that hang on the wall.

maintain order
1. Buy a table of environmentally friendly materials.It should be a box in which you can remove things that they were not visible.
Thus, the room will be a lot less cluttered.Arrange files with papers and sign them.For example: "The places that I wanted to visit," or "Catalogues clothing" and so on. D. Sort all the papers according to their own classification.
2. All mail and bills add up separately, so you do not accidentally throw them.
3. All catalogs store no more than two weeks, then change them with new ones.
4. Wall Shelves choose from environmentally friendly materials.Hang them not so low that your children not reached for important papers.
your strategic arsenal
What do I need to buy to win over the disorder was bloodless and easy, and even brought pleasure!
1.Prozrachnye cabinet boxes, transparent boxes to store shoes.This will allow you not to forget about the clothes, shoes and accessories that you put in the long-term storage.
2.Derevyannye or plastic hangers.
3.Vertikalnye stand for files and papers.They will be useful to sort your mail and other papers.
4.Stol with opaque boxes, through which your room will look neater.
5.Knizhnye shelves of environmentally friendly materials.
6.Nebolshie boxes and boxes for storing small things.

in boxes
Each house has boxes for different things, and the main danger lies in the fact that they dropped anything from important papers to the newspaper scraps and broken handles.It usually happens because most of the time we are in a hurry and do not have time to think about what things are important, and what - the trash.To boxes in your home transformed, you must always remember this and celebrate graduation, which subjects deserve a place in your home and what is not.
1. Take the time to add up all in order.Select the 20 minutes, not more, to sort all things.You can even use a timer to maximize focus and not be distracted by other things.
2. Empty the drawer.Dump all the content on a clean surface.It should be big enough in size, so you can see all the objects.
3. Put all the bills and other important papers.Select to have a separate box.
4. Obtain additional boxes to store them in a variety of small items in your box.Sort items by type.For example, gum, club cards and batteries spread out in 3 different boxes.

Maintain cleanliness
1. Do not put in a box with various objects and securities accounts.
2. Make sure that all the items were in their boxes.Highlight each day for 5-10 minutes to everything in place.
3. Do not clutter up the boxes - keep track of what things you do not use, and dispose of them.Be careful to not overfill the boxes.
woman at the front homework - certainly always generalissimo.But every military genius was peculiar own tactics to achieve victory.And what type do you belong?

you keep commemorative trinkets and gifts (eg, a broken alarm clock that gave you the mother 6 years ago).You are saving them even if you do not use them and feel guilty if you want to get rid of them.Before venturing cleaning, you remember: If you were given a gift, you and only you decide how to proceed with it.Select one item associated with each of your relatives and keep them, add the rest in a separate box and somewhere clean.This will give you an idea of ​​what you can well do without these things.Then give away these things, or if they really in bad shape, just throw.You

different special thrift and save things like unused napkins and chopsticks.And when you can no longer use these objects to the destination, you come up with a new use for them.Decide for yourself a clear relation to each item.Is it really worth it to take up space in your home?
Do you remember that that casket that you bought five years ago, until now never been used and gathering dust on the shelf?Hungry thinkers love beautiful things, art.They accumulate in the house a variety of art supplies, unusual utensils and musical instruments that are gathering dust on the shelves.They do not think there will be enough time for it, so buy all your favorite things.If you know yourself, before making another purchase, think - and whether it is useful?Also, do not forget to get rid of things you do not use more than a year.