Catering to women while exercising at the gym

At the moment, the choice of "their" sport is not a problem.

by Statistics found that more than 30% of women in our country are choosing training in the gym.They help to grind their figure, improve their health and lose excess weight.

But all the efforts to transform your figure into an ideal would be in vain without proper nutrition during sports activities.

How should look like food for women during training at the gym?

The most important thing to remember that during strenuous exercise in the gym, we must remember that the number of calories consumed should be a little less than you burn.But it is not necessary to go to extremes and hurt your body debilitating diets and greater physical activity at the same time.From this it follows that the power of the women engaged in the gym should be balanced.In the body must do proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

We must remember small pattern: the more you do physical activity, the higher the energy of the body, and the greater the protein in yo

ur diet that contribute to a faster recovery after exercise and build muscle tissue;Fats enhance endurance during prolonged stress and are an important source of energy;Carbohydrates are the primary energy supply of the human body, contribute to the production of glycogen.

fluids during exercise is necessary to consume approximately 2-2.5 liters per day, as in the course of exercising a large amount of fluid removed from the body naturally in the form of sweat.To quench your thirst better to use natural juices or vitamin and mineral drinks.

is best in class in the gym to eat varied, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, and not to exclude from your diet bakery products and meat, because they contain the necessary proteins, fats and carbohydrates.By the choice of food should be approached thoroughly.When buying products in shops and supermarkets just need to read carefully the composition and pay attention to the expiration date!Otherwise, you do not run the risk of natural and fresh products, and poisoning!

No way during exercise should not be carried away by alcohol!Firstly, itself "a green snake," very high in calories, and secondly, with alcohol intensifies the feeling of hunger, and you can indulge in gluttony did not dietary products and at one point reached cancel all athletic performance.

Do not forget that during intense exercise is necessary to consume vitamins and minerals in the natural form.You can certainly use and multivitamins, but it is very important to calculate your rate.

most useful products for human health, exercise, according to the German magazine Focus, are strawberries, red chili, green tea, and milk.

The strawberry contains large amounts of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and helps the body to adapt quickly to the constant physical activity.

Red chili helps to improve the body's metabolism, thereby contributing to an intense loss of excess weight.

Green tea has long been known for its healing properties due to the content of catechins.This bioactive substance cleaves fat molecules in the body and promotes weight loss.

contained in milk protein and various vitamins, including calcium, which is involved in the strengthening of bones.

And, dear women, we should not forget that the instant results of a visit to the gym at your waist will not appear.In order to have the perfect figure you should consult with a trainer and carry out his instructions, and then after a while your friends will envy your beautiful figure!