Proper care of the eyelashes

Moreover, there are recipes that will help to restore and strengthen the weakened lashes to enhance the growth of eyelashes.

If you do not have problems with the eyelashes, the natural process of renovation going on normally, quite usual care: morning and evening to comb by means of brushes, lubricated with castor or other vegetable oil.Before going to bed with mascara eyelashes should be removed cosmetic milk or a special emulsion.

If you use waterproof mascara, for proper makeup remover is necessary to use a two-phase lotion with oil.This tool is applied to a cotton pad and applied to the century.After about a minute mascara gently removed.Try to avoid rubbing the skin and stretch it.Increased

deplumation may result from inflammatory eye diseases, allergies to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.Loss of eyelashes occurs as the weakening of the immune system.In these cases should consult with your doctor.

The best thing that can be done for self-treatment increased loss of eyelashes - before going to be

d to rub in the eyelashes castor oil (linseed oil or can be oily solution of vitamin E).It should also take vitamins A and B.

Drug treatment is often accompanied by loss of eyelashes course of physiotherapy.This magnetic therapy, massage century, ozone therapy.As a result of the treatment decreases the inflammatory process, improves metabolism, blood circulation and nutrition of tissues in the area of ​​the lash, strengthening their structure.

From folk remedies to improve the growth of eyelashes is known broth daisies and cornflowers.This broth is very useful to wash the eyes.

very useful mixture of castor, burdock oil and oily solution vitamin E. Mix these ingredients in equal proportions and add the juice of aloe is necessary to fill this balm into an empty (well washed) tube of mascara.Apply it on the eyelids should be exactly the same as you usually apply mascara.Apply balm every day at night for months.After such a "course" you will have a nice sturdy, thick eyelashes.In order to prevent useful to periodically repeat the use of this tool.

If burdock strengthens lashes, then restores the growth of eyelashes castor oil.Make a thick paste of castor oil (1 teaspoon) and melkonarublennoy parsley.This should be a daily gruel rub eyelids for 1-2 months.

When choosing mascara do not forget that not only mascara lengthens, thickens and curls your eyelashes.It must be possible to properly care for them.Mascara should nourish lashes.They also need food, as well as hair.

Modern brand of mascara contain many ingredients (pigments, plasticisers, polymers, silicones), which can cause allergies.Prone to allergies should carefully study the composition of the carcass upon purchase.

Buying ink, be sure to check that it is composed of silk extract, biotin, vitamin A, C and E. And remember that the further cost of these substances in the list of ingredients on top of the list, the less the content in the carcass.Choose a good, high-quality ink!

useful to know that mascara often dries up before the end really.Do not dispose of the tube and the more diluted the alcohol ink.Before the how to do make-up, put a tube of mascara for a while in a glass of hot water (water should not get inside).The wax, which is necessarily a part of any carcass, melted, and you can normally tint eyelashes.What

avoid clumps of mascara on the lashes, do not need much time to spend on a brush eyelashes.It only takes 3 - 4 movement!The main thing - do it slowly.Through brush on your eyelashes need to hold a brush and slightly rocking it from side to side.See for yourself, the effect is amazing!

It is important to give your lashes rest on one - two days a week.Proper care for them - the guarantee of health and beauty beautiful female eye.