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How to change the wardrobe to become Sacks?

How to start a new life?

First, make a revision in the closet and not change clothes, leaving him old things.Many women are afraid to revision in the closet.It will have to part with your favorite things.But we have to admit to yourself that your closet is full of things that you never will wear again.So why not leave them to new experiences?After the revision in the closet should move on, do the same - same with shoes and with their accessories.And then make a list of remaining items and you can safely go on?

to change the image.

change the image, where it starts?Yes, from the very simple, look at yourself in the mirror and decide who you are unadorned and self-flagellation.You just think about this phrase that we often sounds "no time for myself."Therefore, looking at us from the mirror ideal mother and mistress, or a wife who hides its beauty in the bags under the eyes and nipped in the old dressing gown.

Or it can be a successful business woman, proud of their achievements.With topknot on hi

s head as the acme of perfection, but it - it can be a little update.

Maybe you sly glances inveterate fashionista, which changes weekly shades of hair and put on sales and lives on fashion websites?So what do you do next?

you have made the first step, determine that it is time to change the image.But now it's time to decide what to change?Nipped in the old gown dress sexy or wear shorts and a T-shirt on the straps?Classic beam on the head, on the same "classic shell", or straight to the hairdresser and his eyes closed, making asymmetrical graduated bob.Incidentally, such a penalty is ideally combined with classic outfits and fashion trends.

It's time to change wardrobe.

Stylish and sexy clothing for women became available.First, you can go to the new boutique and try on any - any outfit.Buy do not necessarily feel like the "other".Please rate your feelings and make conclusions, you become like it is?And then, in the pool with his head change boring jeans and sneakers to high heels and bright colorful chiffon dress, who can in the mirror to find out this sexy beauty in the old way?

But how to dress and become Sacks?To the surrounding shown on your toes and pay attention?Or choose the style of a business woman?How to find designers, every self-respecting woman should have in her wardrobe skirt, jacket, shirt, pants, dresses, coats and knit sweater.And especially if the figures do not allow to wear jackets, then what to do?

can turn to online shopping, but there are some pros and cons.Although the best place to get acquainted with the latest collections of leading fashion designers to be found.By the way, the online stores you can buy not expensive models.There are shops in which all female sexuality clothing is recognized institute deepest feelings in men.

And you can walk along the boutiques and shops of fashionable ready to wear with girlfriends and buy what you like.

to see a specialist, who explained that the level of preference in the selection of clothing for each of us are very different.Only a few chosen style of clothing deliberately in line with the requirements of a particular situation and our positive view of themselves.More often we choose the wardrobe under the influence of mood."Meet on clothes ..." ever eloquently emphasizes that style of dress is the calling card of every person.The style of clothing we make a first impression about a person, about their interests, hobbies, style of behavior, attitudes and preferences.

With clothing you can create your own individual style to be in tune with our view of themselves and of their own social status.

However, there are general rules of making clothes, he will be different sexuality or not, but you must respect them.While everyone has their own taste, acquired basic things first.And then buy additional clothing and accessories.At the same time bearing in mind that the basic things must be neutral, nenadoedlivyh tones, which are easy to combine with others.

Under these rules, you can combine the clothes did not hesitate to look at this and always efficient and sexy.Here's how

be minimal modern woman's wardrobe: Always outerwear: a jacket or coat, two coats of transition and winter.On all occasions the universal suit, preferably classical style: jacket, vest, skirt and pants.Every woman should have a basic universal single color or dress with development.Depending on the features of a figure can be close-fitting dress or semifitted or closed.The next necessary thing -teply sweater.It never hurts to two evening dresses, on a cold and warm seasons.The modern woman can not do without the pants, they can be sporting or free style.And in the end: straight dark skirt and a few blouses.

The cornerstone, but deep down, all women are trying to look younger and wear them with this help.There is nothing wrong to sometimes dress in youth fashion.And sexuality in her rife.What is the characteristics of the youth's wardrobe?

Youth wardrobe.

To hide blurred over the years, waist and hips need to purchase high-quality jeans that will sit on the figure.It will not hurt a simple cotton dress, dresses recently become relevant again.And if you do not want to open your body, you can use a shawl or a light cardigan.

Currently, there are many models of underwear with support legs, abdomen, priests.Therefore it is necessary to use a good quality linen, it will hide the bulges and bumps body.Choose your size, to feel comfortable.And the slim figure you provided.

change the image it implies not only a change in appearance, but also the change of our inner relationship to ourselves, to the world.How can I change clothes and become Sacks few days - you already know!Then go ahead!