Storage care toys

Otherwise, they will turn to dust collectors, and even in the home of dangerous viruses and bacteria.You'd be surprised how many pathogens can live on common balls and rattle!Scientists have found out: If the toy has visible contamination on the surface the size of a small dots fit 250,000 bacteria.But we will talk only about the most dangerous of them.

Staphylococcus aureus - the cause of more than 100 different diseases associated with inflammation of internal organs.A particularly dangerous for newborns aureus.Diphtheria bacillus - the causative agent of acute infectious disease that is characterized by severe intoxication of the whole organism.It gets into the environment with saliva and can be stored on the ball and scoops up to 2 weeks.And in the dusty stuffed toys - more than 3 months!

tubercle bacillus stands with phlegm of the sick person, and may be the causative agent of tuberculosis.Tubercle bacillus survive in the pages of books on 3 months, and toys - and even longer.Adenovirus causes
fever, accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and eyes, swollen lymph nodes.Viruses can remain on toys for a few days.The herpes virus infected up to 90% of the adult population.The virus is released from an infected person and is transmitted through a variety of healthy items, including through toys.Rotavirus causes gastrointestinal disease.The source of infection - a sick man.With dirty hands bacteria get on toys and other items, and can be stored on them a few days.Fortunately, all potentially harmful bacteria and viruses are sensitive to disinfectants.Therefore, careful care of toys helps reduce the spread of germs.

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What rules must be followed to bring toys to the kid and his parents only positive emotions?
1. When buying a new toy, look for its package - it should not be damaged.
2. No soft toys decorate the room newborn.The baby is unlikely to appreciate the beauty of the huge teddy bear, but the dust and bacteria will love bear.
3. Plastic toys do not accumulate dust, they are not so long delayed bacteria.But a new toy before you give a young child, it is necessary to wash a proven disinfectant.
4. Toys, with whom the child is walking, should be stored separately and more thoroughly washed.In addition to the bacteria, into the house with them, and can get easy - parasites.
5. Toys Home preferably stored in containers that protect them from dust.Periodically "home" toys should be washed well.
6. The younger the child, the more carefully to be caring for toys.If older children have toys to wash when dirty (for a favorite doll is enough once a week), it rattles and other toys for babies require more care, for example boiling.
7. For specific categories of toys are the type dudochek, mouth organs - those who take children into his mouth.Through them, the pathogens of various infections transmitted most often.Therefore, these toys should not be given to outsiders kids.Even if the baby is healthy, in his mouth can live bacteria that cause tooth decay.
8. Ask older children to take the younger toys only with clean hands, as the bacteria are not dangerous to adults, can cause infection in the baby.
9. With special care to wash toys that have visited with the child in the clinic.Most bacteria and viruses can persist on the surface of plastic toys for more than 2 days.And to the bacteria remained on the toy, it is enough for them simply to touch or cough near them.A little research on the presence of potentially harmful microorganisms, conducted in the US found that 20% of all toys surveyed in the facility were found bacteria.

place where the child plays, remove carefully. wash floors with a solution, because the kids love to play on the floor and often dropping it rattles and blocks.If the child is a carpet, then two weeks, he collects up to two glasses of dust.Therefore, the carpets, too, is from time to time in the sun or make cleaned with a disinfectant solution.

Keep toys better in resealable plastic containers that once a week should be washed with a solution, rinse thoroughly and dry.Toys
who walked with the crumbs, wash with a mild solution to home did not get the bacteria and parasites.

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