The best beauty secrets

Q: How to protect your hair from the heat of the sun?
healthy and soft hair is more resistant to damage.Weekly use shampoo and mask, rich in easily absorbed oils.Wear a hat.
TRY: Cream HIMALAYA HERBALS hair with proteins of wheat germ and chickpeas.After exposure to the sun and sea water use reduction complex Wella LifeTex Sun or Shampoo with olive oil Sela Natural Line.
Tip: Before swimming, rinse hair with a conditioner or apply a caregiver means that it is not necessary to wash off.Hair - like a sponge: filled with nutrients, they will not absorb harmful salts and chemicals from the pool.

Q: How to make dark spots less visible?Use
cream containing natural fining agents: arbutin (from bearberry), folic acid (mushroom), licorice extract, vitamin C and vitamin soy EOI.
Try: RoC Retinol Multi-Correxion with vitamin C, which eliminates dark spots.
Tip: Regularly apply the sun protection.
Question: How to get rid of oily sheen on your face?
Do not clean your skin too hard - it compensates for lost moi
sture enhanced the work of the sebaceous glands.Try
: matting gel with thermal water and diakalitom Vichy Aqualia Thermal Mat, Cream Sebo Specific Yves Rocher with sandalwood oil, green tea extract, or other products with antiseptic ingredients such as tea tree, white willow bark, lemon, chamomile, clay,witch hazel.
Tip: After washing, use lotion, sunscreen with silicon or vitamin OT (niacinamide) to prevent active sebaceous glands or mask Clinique Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask.

How to get rid of ingrown hairs?
Sterilize the tweezers and gently pry the hair at the site of the bend (ingrowth is because the tip of the hair is curled and grows in the opposite direction, under the skin) and pull it out.If you can not remove it, blot the skin cotton swab moistened with salicylic acid or white willow extract, and rub to remove dead skin cells and get a hair.Try
: organic sugar scrub Organic Scrub Oen Minded with the complex oil sesame seed, sunflower, safflower, lavender, balancing the crown chakra, responsible for knowledge, thinking and meditation.TIP: To prevent ingrown hair every day after waxing gently exfoliates the skin with salicylic acid, scrub or washcloth.
Question: Can I get rid of unwanted hair without the use of "chemistry"?
Yes, for this there is waxing or shugaring (the process is the same, but is a mixture of water and lemon juice).
Try: Set for depilation Veet wax strips or with warm iTock depilatory Veel-Salon.

Q: How to protect against infection during a pedicure?
Bring your own tools (pliers, nail file, etc.) and ask the wizard does not cut you ¼ of the cuticle.This will reduce the risk of infection.Try
: Tool for nails and cuticles Cuti-Cocktail SPARITUAL with evening primrose oil, grape and aloe - with regular use will not have to cut off the cuticle.
Our advice: Try to avoid the Salon Foot baths (they are easily propagated by bacteria), and do not shave the legs before a pedicure (not to be left on the skin wounds).
Question: How effective natural deodorant?
reason smell - no sweat itself, but a by-product of the activity of bacteria that breed on the skin when you sweat.Most natural deodorants contain antibacterial herbs or extracts, such as sage, myrrh, eucalyptus and lavender.

Try: Origins Organics Totally Pure Deodorant (origins, com) with white willow and lavender alcohol.
Our advice: Likewise apply and deodorants based on mineral crystals.
Question: How to prevent a rash on his back?
TRY: Cleansing Oil with organic extracts of tea tree Tea Tree ORIFLAME and T-Zone Spot ZAPPING STICK.Apply a dot means on the problem areas.
Our advice: Once a week, use a clay-based mask to get rid of excess salovydeleniya.

Q: How to protect your hair from moisture?
Use styling products, oil-based, so the moisture more easily penetrates dry or curly locks, making the hair unruly, curly or fluffy.
Try: L'Oreal Professional PlayBall Cosmo Spritzer - spray with protection from moisture, prevents the formation of curls.
Our advice: Apply styling by dividing the hair into small clumps.
Q: How safe tan?
According to dermatologists, it is in any, case of the safer tanning.Digidroksiaieton (DHA), which is part of the tanning is made from sugar and absorbed only the top layer of the skin.Try
: gentle tanning mousse Dr.Pierre Ricaud.
Our advice: Choose a cream or gel texture instead of a spray.

Q: How to cure sunburn?
Take aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve pain and reduce irritation.Drink plenty of fluids to compensate for the drying effect of the sun.For external use dermatologists recommend white vinegar (calming redness) and a bath with oatmeal and a lotion with green tea extract and vitamin E. These funds will protect the skin from the aggressive action of free radicals.Will and soothing lavender tonic spray, alcohol-free.

Try: essence Fluide Delicat Carole Franck with essential oils of marjoram, mint, lavender and line Oriflame Mint Tea with organic green tea and peppermint extract.
Tip: Naturopaths recommend to cool the skin with aloe vera gel.
Q: How do I get during long trips were not formed corns?
Keep legs were always dry.Corns arise from too tight shoes and perspiration.Moisture allows the foot to rub against the wall of the shoe, and it leads to damage of the softened skin then.Try
: refreshing deo-talc for feet and shoes Scholl Odour Control - unique superabsorbent agent and night regenerating cream Overnight Foot Rescue Cream Botanies.
Tip: Try to buy shoes in the evening when a little swollen feet from walking.So you can not go wrong with the size.

Question: Can I soften the corn or prevent its occurrence by natural means?
Crush aspirin and mix with a few tablespoons of lemon juice.Apply the mixture to the corn with a cotton swab and leave for 5-10 minutes.Due to the high acidity means it softens the horny layer of the skin.Then exfoliate dead skin cells with sugar or baking soda.And apply a thick layer of shea butter, jojoba oil and cocoa to create a barrier that keeps moisture in the skin.Try
: soft exfoliation for feet Nus Pieds Dr.Pierre Ricaud with particles of pumice powder and silk, as well as hydrating mask SpaPedicure RawEarth CreativeSpa.

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