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The six most effective ways to overcome insomnia

About insomnia knows everyone, but about the reasons why it occurs, only a few know.Insomnia suffer most knowledge workers.They spend a lot of energy and strength, often overworked, and your sleep interrupted by drinking a cup of coffee.But coffee does not eliminate fatigue, but can only cheer for a short time, fatigue is growing.

in an uncomfortable bed people sleep badly and can not find a comfortable position, it can be a cause of insomnia.The issue can be solved by using orthopedic pillows and mattresses.Sleep on them not only good for health, but also comfortable.

Insomnia affects people who have had some nervous system disorders, or fatigue.It can occur in people who suffer from shortness of breath, coughing fits, circulatory disorders.

measures insomnia

necessary to comply with sleep.Insomnia helps evening walks in the fresh air before going to bed.From mental work at night should be avoided.Supper should be early and not very tight, and not just before bedtime.Before going to bed to take a

warm bath.200 ml of milk can help sleep and sleep.

folk remedy for insomnia is lavender oil.Before going to bed to eat a piece of sugar with 2 drops of lavender oil or lavender oil to lubricate the whiskey.

six effective ways to overcome insomnia

1. to sleep on a low pillow on the left side or stomach, it will help improve the work of the intestine and help to sleep.

2. ventilated room at bedtime.Do not eat at night strong tea or alcohol, it will only prevent sleep.

3. Herbal cushions help for insomnia, it is from the leaves of mint, hazel, laurel, ferns and leaves of marjoram, geranium, rose petals, hop cones, pine needles.It is possible to use different such plants.To fill their pillows, then dry them on a central heating radiator.Under the pillow can put a bag of hops, he quickly casts you sleep.

4. Will warm bath with scented oils - orange, chamomile, peppermint, valerian decoction, infusions of aromatic herbs - oregano, mint, calendula, pine needles.After the bath of these infusions, oils or broth need not towel and go to bed.

5. Assist decoctions of hop cones, caraway seeds, hemp seeds, berries and bark viburnum, valerian extracts from the roots of elderberry, decoctions of sage, chamomile, pumpkin with honey, hawthorn fruit, take before bedtime.

6. to bedroom was suitable for sleep is necessary to avoid noise, remove the flowers with a pungent odor, sharp stupefying odors, avoid red tones.

How else can you overcome insomnia?
When we come insomnia, we just do not do to fall asleep, and the sheep feel and elephants, and, in the end, tossing and turning until the morning.Now, if it was safe and universal remedy for insomnia, but, unfortunately, it has not come up, and some pills have side effect.You can force yourself to fall asleep and other productive methods.

1. Along with clothes remove their daily problems
We do not sleep yet because we prevented completely relax our concerns and anxieties.It is necessary to drive away all negative emotions is jealousy, resentment, anger.As the saying goes, that envious people dream does not take, so focus on something pleasant, but do not make plans for the night of vengeance.

2. Listen to the sound of a fan or the music of Mozart
compared with other works, Mozart's music with insomnia have a therapeutic effect.They relieve nervousness leads to normal blood pressure.And if you do not act classic, just turn on the fan.2 bill you lull the monotony of its buzz.

3. Get a dog
Relieves stress communication with your four-legged friend.And then you want or do not want, but you need to go out in the evening with the dog.Walking is great bedtime calm the nervous system, and provide you with a long and deep sleep.

4. Give the body physical activity
course, you noticed that all day spinning in cases and by the evening fall from exhaustion.But we should not bring themselves to exhaustion every time, because it is fraught with insomnia, but you give yourself a day of normal physical activity.

5. You do not need to eat at night
After 19 hours, it is not necessary to overload the body with food.And it is not recommended to go to bed hungry, since sleep is disturbing, and by rumbling in the stomach, you will not be able to fall asleep for a long time.So, if you did not have dinner, you need to drink a glass of kefir or eat yogurt.

6. Take a bath
help you relax bath with sea salt or pine extract.Duration of treatment should be 20 minutes, and the water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees.Then go to bed and your insomnia will go away.

7. need to go to bed at the same time
If you observe mode, then your body will let you know that at certain times it is time to go to bed.On average, adults need to sleep at least 8 hours, and students should sleep at least 10 hours.

8. Take an uninteresting book
It can guarantee a fast falling asleep, others may act as the grammar of a foreign language.If we think something uninteresting, lowers blood pressure, there is a yawning appears lethargy and very sleepy.

9. Attach the feet with warm water bottle or heating pad

heat lulls.There are other ways to fold a blanket and this time pomerznite.We must be patient, even if there was trembling.Then cover with a blanket, you instantly cover a feeling of happiness and warmth, and seem very comfortable bed.

10. Before going to bed drink a glass of warm milk

This will help relax and calm down.Besides, honey, the same components are contained in the hypnotic drugs.But if someone is allergic to honey, then you will not do this way.

11. Have sex
This is a proven remedy for centuries enjoyed by many people from insomnia.Having thus discharge, each cell in the body is resting, and we relax and allocated substances which are responsible for sleep.

Now we know about the 6 most effective ways to overcome this insomnia.No need to worry because insomnia, these experiences can bring to nervous exhaustion.And when you do not help any folk remedies to overcome insomnia, you need to see a doctor.