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Folk cancer treatment celandine

healing properties of celandine.

about the miraculous healing properties of celandine can be found by the people of the older generation, those who are engaged in herbal medicine, and just reading any guide recipes of traditional medicine.Celandine can be used in the treatment of diseases of the liver, bladder and kidneys.It is effective and it is for cancer of female organs, skin tuberculosis, herpes, irritation, leukemia, hypertension, gastritis, ulcers, poisoning and many other internal and skin diseases.

Do not deny that it is often beneficial effects of celandine to cure certain diseases based on human faith and auto-suggestion.But the main thing - the result, and it is bound to be, and no matter why.Of course, there are many skeptics who question the theory of the possibility of treating cancer using celandine.But do not despair, to hope and believe in a better - this is important in the struggle for life.

Folk treatment means on the basis of celandine: recipes.

juice celandine.

valuable and useful properties celandine has its juice, which is in the stems and leaves.Before preparing this juice celandine should be cleaned of dried leaves, then wash and the whole plant (including roots) mince.From the resulting mass is pressed and filtered juice, which should defend several days.The dosage used depends on the body weight.Pure juice drink should not be recommended one - two milliliters of diluted boiled in a small amount of water and taken orally three times a day.The greater the weight, the more juice you need to take.

But, in any case, we should not forget that the plant itself is poisonous, so it is recommended to take it very carefully.If you exceed the dosage, then, at least, there may be signs of poisoning, in the worst case, a strong overdose can lead even to paralysis.

in case of placement of the tumor on the surface of the body recommended topical application of celandine juice.To do this, apply the juice abundant plant on the affected portion of the tumor, after waiting a few minutes, until juice is absorbed, and apply it again and again to wait.So you need to repeat three times in succession.It should be noted that this method is strictly contraindicated in diseases such as bronchial asthma, angina and epilepsy.In the absence of these diseases the procedure should be carried out three times a day.

to store the juice of celandine should put it in a glass container with an airtight stopper.Glass containers should be dark in color.For prolonged storage juice tend to wander so in order to avoid infringement of tightness of the vessel or damage, from time to time it is necessary to release gas from the tank by opening the plug.Keep the juice you need in a darkened place, but not in the refrigerator, as under the influence of the cold it loses its beneficial properties.Use the juice of celandine is desirable since it ferment.


In winter, when celandine grows nowhere and did not get the juice, cancer treatment is carried out on the basis of ointment of this plant.This cream can be purchased at any pharmacy, and cook ourselves at home, where all the healing properties will be preserved for a hundred percent.To do this, the dried herb Chelidonium ground and sieved using a sieve powder and then mix it in equal proportions with lanolin and vaseline.This cream can be used all year round.

Infusion of celandine.

is effective will the infusion of celandine, which is necessary for cooking in an enamel bowl pour a tablespoon of dried or fresh celandine herbs and pour one cup of boiling water.Then, the resulting broth to be heated in a water bath for fifteen minutes, then cool to room temperature and strain.Overflow the infusion into the beaker, bring the volume of the drug to two hundred milliliters.Take the infusion should be inside of half a glass, fifteen minutes before meals, three times a day until complete recovery.Store this same infusion is recommended not more than two days.

Broth celandine.

On the basis of celandine can also prepare a treatment for skin cancer.

five tablespoons of dried and chopped herbs poured into a bowl and poured one liter of boiling water.The broth should simmer on low heat for ten minutes, then we must give it brew for at least two hours and strain.The resulting broth is recommended to use as a compress not only skin cancer, but also in diseases such as eczema, lichen and boils.A decoction is indispensable and washing non-healing ulcers and wounds.Skin cancer can also be cured and celandine juice profusely lubricating their skin three times a day.Use the juice plant can deduce warts, get rid of blackheads and pimples.

In folk medicine celandine treatment of cancer is performed by a specific procedure.It is a gradual increase in the dosage used tools.Every morning, one hour before breakfast (fasting) take herbal celandine.You should start with one drop of tincture, diluted in a small amount of boiled water.Daily dose should increase by one drop.If, having reached fifteen drops any violations will not occur, the reception continues until full recovery.